Taking/threatening an illegal action

So I got a credit card about a year ago now and I was paying on it for a while and I just could n’t afford to pay on it anymore and so it ended up going to collections without any type of warning or letter in the mail … until one day I started getting calls from a local number so of course I answered it, they had told me that my credit card went into collections and I needed to pay them immediately. So I was terrified and said I would call him back and he said no it had to be taken care of today and that I just needed to put him on hold so I did and he then asks me how much money I could pay him I said maybe {$100.00} and he charged my account for {$160.00} I believe. And $ XXXX/2 weeks after that. He also said he would send me a reciept and never did. So after that I immediately was so angry I called my bank and canceled my card. After that was when the hate started. Calling me every day multiple times a day threatening me saying awful things. I kept all the voicemails. He never even said his company name nor was I ever sent anything in the mail!! I had no idea and now he said it ‘s going to an attorney and they will garnish my wages. That ‘s why I ‘m coming to you guys

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