Taking/threatening an illegal action

Ocwen loan servicing LLC has violated ALL rules AFTER a BK discharge of a XXXX % exempt property. They knew of it as they were at the BK and cancelled lifting stay over 5 years ago. The last FILING of a suit against us managed to get a false judgement in the Fed court systems to then get a judgement on eviction and writ of possession. Knowing the rules, we could n’t comprehend that on the day the writ happened they would break the law and hire the local constables, and police AFTER REPEATED notices to them and Ocwen of the proof of the BK ‘s orders and exemption papers and that XXXX of them would drill into my door and surround our private property to remove ALL our possessions and have ME XXXX and not my husband or friends who witnessed it!

Calling it ” XXXX ” and having no charges or warrants to back it. I spent 10 hours in XXXX XXXX without being allowed to speak to a judge or to see the charges all with out ever asking WHO I was! Sense then we ‘ve been living in a motel and seeking Many charges against them. We put a claim on their bond and was given the access codes BACK to our home!
We RETURNED to an uninhabitable home and asked to have it fixed and because of the destruction of our personal property and of our home itself and Because of our asking, they get someone to lock us out again and put back a for sale sign up AFTER I noticed all the other real estate web sites of the theft of our home not anyone having the right to sell it. I ‘ve been also letting the agency ‘s know and at this point? It ‘s a waiting game and we are miserable! Thanks for reading ….

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