Taking/threatening an illegal action

GS Holdings in NY called me last week and demanded I pay a debt and threatened that papers were filed to sue me. I gave them my debit card after they told me they would send verification that I paid and the debt was cancelled as soon as my card went through. They immediately took {$1000.00} out of my account..I never received any verification letter ( they were supposed to email it ) .I waited 5 days and no letter so I contacted my bank and they reported it as fraud. I realized I was scammed. One week later a man named XXXX XXXX the director of operations so he said, called and started threatening me because I cancelled the payment and reported it. He started screaming at me and threatening me. I told him to stop yelling at me that he was not my father and he is unprofessional. He screamed ” You sound like my wife ” … .I told him I talked to my lawyer and my lawyer said to have GS holdings call him call him. The man started screamed at me again and then hung up. I tried to call the number back and it said the number was unavailable. That is definitely fishy, why would a legitimate company not have telephone that worked? And they called off different numbers but all from XXXX XXXX My lawyer said debt collectors can not call you and they can not yell at you or threaten you. He told me to absolutely not pay it, he thought it was a scam!! They should be shut down!!!

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