Taking/threatening an illegal action

I contacted Premier Credit ( I have never heard of them, I was referred to them by the original creditor when I contacted them to find out what I owed ).
I offered to pay a lump sum ( {$500.00} ) to pay it off in full ( less than current balance of {$740.00}, more than original debt of {$440.00} ) or to setup a payment plan. I was transferred to ” XXXX ” an ” account manager ” and he immediately told me, ” my levee department is already working on freezing your bank accounts and getting your wages garnished ”.
Now, if there is a judgement against me, I am not aware of it. I had never even heard of this company before I reached out to OFFER to pay. He refused the payoff amount and when I asked about a payment plan, he again started talking about wage garnishment!
This debt is for XXXX State Taxes from 2012, so I do n’t know if its time-barred or not, but even if it is not, I am not aware of any legal action by them against me, so he had to be lying to try to scare me … and honestly, there is a little 1 % of my mind that is now worried my bank account will be frozen next time I go to use it.

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