Taking/threatening an illegal action

My friend XXXX XXXX and I, we had together a phone account on XXXX. A few months ago we decided to move the account to XXXX causing generating a debt with XXXX but covered by the XXXX XXXX XXXX because we were doing a Buy-Out. The XXXX company sent XXXX prepaid cards where XXXX were lost and we had to wait until the processed the new ones. During this time, the Company Amsher were calling trying to collect the debt for the XXXX account that was closed ( in around less than 3 month ) We explained to them that we were waiting the prepaid cards from XXXX in order to pay. XXXX XXXX, my friend, one day call me and says that a representative from Amsher was calling him continuously and he does n’t speak XXXX, so I told him to allow them to call me directly. I spoke with a lady I do n’t remember her name, but was the same lady all the time we spoke in many occasions, also we made a payment for around {$1600.00} with the XXXX first prepaid cards that arrived around XXXX 2017. On XXXX XXXX, 2017 this lady called me and says that I had to pay something in order to keep the arrangement they provided me, otherwise, will disappear, after making pression to pay something that day, I accepted to make a payment for {$300.00} for a debt that is not mine, that I am doing a favor, after the PAYMENT I told the lady that she has to wait until we receive the prepaid cards in order to pay the rest, because that debt is not under my name! Today, while I was checking my bank account, I found that my account was debited for {$1200.00} from AMSHER without any verbal or written authorization!!! they took the attribution to charge my account without know if I had money or not, without matter them if it would affect me or not, also I am traveling with my wife and my mother-in-law on Thursday XXXX, 2017, we already have the flights tickets and they had destroyed all my plans, because something that is not my responsibility and I am trying to help a friend mine, this IS NOT MY DEBT!
My friend name is XXXX XXXX XXXX and the last XXXX number for his social are XXXX. There is no way to provide this information in this complaint.

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