Taking/threatening an illegal action

To start with, the original creditor was never up front and was very confusing about their fees they were charging me. I would pay a fee and towards the balance but then they would just keep rolling it over every month. I was n’t making progress and got under water. After a few months ( and had actually paid off the balance but for the fees it still was n’t paid off ) which surprised me. The amount in collection does n’t even represent the proper amount of payments that were made.

They ended up sending me to an outside collection agency but never told me that they were. I never received any Debt Validation letters, nothing showing who actually owned what until it showed up on my credit report under XXXX XXXX.

The problem with this, is XXXX, along with several other debt buyers have been calling me relentlessly for at least 8 months if not longer. They say that I am going to jail if I do not pay my debt, that someone is coming to my house! They say someone is going to the local court house, etc., it never ends. Sometimes it is a live person, sometimes it is a robocall.

Their harassment does n’t end with me. Some how they managed to find the phone numbers to my mother, both of her sisters ( my aunts ), my brother and my father. They then continued to harass them about me, yelling at them telling them I would be arrested if I did not pay my debt gave random names/case numbers.

That is a violation of the Consumer Protection laws. No collection agency is allowed to give out personal information to a third party, or harass anyone.
I am a XXXX individual and this has caused an excessive amount of stress and financial strain.

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