Taking/threatening an illegal action

This is a debt that I believe I do not owe for breaking a lease due to loving in a very unsafe apartment complex where I was scared for myself and my child. This has passed the statue of limitations in the state of Hawaii for them to still be attempting to collect this debt. The creditor will not provide any info on the original debt. They are calling my family members and calling them names and threatening them. They call my job everyday several times a day and say vulgar things to the receptionists. This has affected my job to the point where I had our company director contact me regarding this. I believe this is an inaccurate debt, and the way this company is trying to collect is threatening and harassment. The company ‘s that I know have called are IQ Data International which always calls from blocked numbers. Then another number called me today from a lady named ” XXXX XXXX ” at # XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX threatening to serve papers to my place of work. Neither of these companies have my correct information or name. This debt is expired and should even be removed from my credit report!

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