Taking/threatening an illegal action

My name is XXXX XXXX, a mother, XXXX of over fifteen years, and honest citizen. This is an URGENT Mississippi action where a company is trying to collect on a six year old alleged judgment that was never agreed to or filed in court.

XX/XX/XXXX, Midland Funding , LLC attempted to collect on a credit card debt by suing me. The case was released. However, the company, or their lawyers, NEVER got the judge to sign a judgment, nor was a judgment ever filed in the court. I called the court for copies of the documents several times to see if I had a judgment ; there is still no filed judgment! Because the judgment was never filed, I did not make any payments to the Midland. This company, then, fell under scrutiny and was sued by multiple persons – I was asked to join the suit, but declined. The company immediately fell under and was dismantled. As such, I definitely made no payments.

On XX/XX/XXXX, XXXX contacted me and my job alleging I owed a balance and they were going to execute a garnishment. I researched the issue and verified that in Mississippi debts must be collected within three years. I had not been in contact with the company since XX/XX/XXXX. So, I responded in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Act. In that response I neither acknowledged or affirmed the debt. I asked them to stop writing me and my job because they lost their chance to collect because it had been over six years.

They continue to write me and my employer. The company continues to threaten me, and recently they have ” found ” a signed document that was still never filed. I am afraid and embarrassed by their illegal attempts. My employers are afraid and contemplating releasing me. I have been a nurse for over fifteen years, and I am a pretty great nurse. I also love my job. I am a single mother of XXXX, and I acted responsibly in handling this matter.

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