Taking/threatening an illegal action

In XXXX I lost my job. I am now XXXX years old. Sadly we had no choice but to file Chapter XXXX in XXXX of XXXX. On XXXX XXXX, XXXX, I am being sued for {$720.00} dollars. From a XXXX party debt collector. It was originally a credit limit of {$600.00} dollars. Never received anything not a call or a letter. To appear in court within XXXX weeks! I called them and told XXXX the situation. She was very rude and trying very hard to make me feel like a XXXX bag. I was threatened by them of putting a Lien on my home and garnishing my wages. I need MORE TIME to hire my attorney and he is very good. I am a Senior XXXX and I will not stand by and have this company me threaten me and take away from me. Going to get this company for harassment. I am retired and I will not just stand by and got this letter within XXXX weeks for a court appearance.

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