Taking/threatening an illegal action

Received a phone call from a man claiming to be in the same county as I. He said he had legal paperwork to deliver, and that I was being sued by a company called Northwind Associates for an unpaid debt from 4 years ago. I asked what the debt was and he told me I had to call the company. He gave me a case number and I called. The man who I spoke with asked me to confirm my identity by giving my date of birth. He had my correct address, phone number, and email address. He proceeded to tell me that the debt needed to be paid otherwise I ‘d be required to go to court. He offered me a settlement of {$670.00}. I paid it. I had remembered taking out a payday loan, but now that I ‘ve done my research ( too late but I was TERRIFIED of having a man stalk me to hand me court paperwork and be sent to court or jail! ) I ‘ve found that Northwind Associates is a scam company and they ‘re not legitimate at all.

I just gave birth XXXX months early to a baby boy XXXX until XXXX, if not later. These people contacted me XXXX. I lost my job due to going into XXXX. I can no longer work because I ‘m on maternity leave and once my leave is up, the XXXX is over ( I worked at a XXXX ). The income of relied on to save up and be able to buy my baby his necessities for life has disappeared due to giving birth XXXX. And then these jerks come along and scam me?! Now I ‘m out {$670.00} and with our XXXX income completely gone ( my husband is military so we have that ) and a baby in the hospital over XXXX, we ‘ve been cheated and done wrong. I am so heartbroken and sick over this.

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