Taking/threatening an illegal action

I was contacted repeatedly and harassed to the point of tears by an agency trying to collect on a cc debt from 1997. I honestly do n’t know what they are referring to, but when I said I would need to speak to a lawyer, the woman accused me of fraud and said they would sue me and garnish my wages immediately. That it was too late for a lawyer and that I needed to make a promissory payment to stop the lawsuit. I told her I do n’t know what she ‘s talking about, but she had my social security number and said it was my debt. that I owed over $ XXXX but they would settle at {$3800.00}. And that they would only settle if I made a payment that same day. That the judge ” will laugh ” at me and it was too late to get legal counsel. That they were already ” in the XXXX courts system ” and I would have to pay the full amount they are already in the court system suing me for if I did n’t make a payment of some sort immediately. They scared me into tears ( especially since I was n’t sure about what they were referring to ). I asked if they could send me a written explanation and she said ” it ‘s too late for that, honey. ” And that I had to pay or they would put a lien on my bank account immediately. I was shaking and stressed ( especially because I am a single mother and student with limited income ) and they threatened me into compliance. They said I needed to take a loan out on my XXXX and if I was unable to do so, that I needed to send them a copy of the denial letter from the bank otherwise the case would continue in court. Because at that point I was completely unaware of my rights, and because I definitely do n’t have $ XXXX to dish out on some obscure debt attached to my social security number, I authorized a {$300.00} payment just to buy time, get my bearings and contact a lawyer. Once I spoke with a knowledgeable person, I immediately put a stop of payment and realized that their whole operation is clearly a scam. I am taken aback at their skillful tactics in convincing me I had no choice and I was bound to a debt I have no recollection about. If indeed there is a debt from 20 years ago, it is way out of the statute of limitations to collect at this point. They have not received any payment from me, as I put a stop of payment immediately as well as closing my bank account so they do n’t illegally withdraw money. I sent a certified letter asking them to stop harassing me. I ‘ve also told them on the phone since then to stop calling me but they keep calling!! I keep blocking their calls from multiple lines, but apparently they have many lines they can call from. They caused a good week of tears and sleepless nights because I could n’t believe how aggressive and manipulative they are. And I am still dealing with them because they wo n’t stop calling! I have no idea what this debt is. It ‘s XXXX years old and I would really appreciate if you were to investigate this super shady basement operation they have going on. I have screenshots of their multiple calls made after I told them to stop. I can send them to you if you wish. Thank you very much.

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