Taking/threatening an illegal action

The issue I need handled and settled quickly is not even about my debt with this bank. I am the niece and up until her death in XXXX of XXXX, her POA since XXXX.
Not in the entirety of that timeframe was I ever responded to about the debt in question. I was never shown XXXX iota of validity to lead to any collection action and not a lien placed on property that had previously been in this persons mothers name and briefly in hers XXXX. I become the legal owner via handwriting and notarized letter in XXXX and by recorded deed XXXX. The property has been attached and this is XXXX issue showing proof it was attachable? The home is payment for a debt in medical fees taken from my own personal injury monies for this person in XXXX after her mom, and brother passed with in a year of each other she became sick and was hospitalized for 8weeks and unable to return to a home alone. We paid for her needs and nurses as her income since XXXX had not been more than {$460.00} if that & all her debts were behind due to the recent deaths of those who aided her living.

Another is proof of the original debt balance minus fees added in due to ignoring all attempts to make arrangements.

Currently I chose to sell the house to get my money quickly and pay overdue taxes. I learned of the lien in XXXX. I have been nonstop trying to settle the XXXX debts involved. XXXX contacted fairly fast and instructed me they also held the other collection matter but the bank did n’t wish to allow them to open it. I was told to call the bank directly. I had already done that and left many messages but agreed.
I called and someone picked up, I was asked verifiers and given little information back. The debt was showing $ XXXX, fees and all. The female stated she was shocked to see I had called over a month ago and not had a return call. I am too. I made an offer based on the fees not being in the debt- {$3600.00} and gave the fax to the buyers law firm to send the acceptance and wiring info to. Made it clear how dire the mess was over this hold up and the debt not being mine I could really use this at a fast pace.
She made notes and said it sounded fair and if she could she would ok it but ca n’t. I should hear back in few days maximum. A week and half has passed and not XXXX word.
I have called and left messages nothing back. I recently faxed a rescinded offer along with the new terms. If silence remains the only answer I am forced to file violations of FDCPA and other consumers complaints. The whole debt is a joke without proof and to cost me and mine our lives saving and home over another person debt is just cruel.
I am selling the home so they have no true reason to hold this up except interest greed. My new offer is {$2900.00} and I am currently looking for local ways out of my having to pay them at all. I have been served collections for a debt and lost earnest on a house we wanted to purchase over this. Not even XXXX response.
I forwarded the updates and requested the collection agency that I had spoke to before also contact them.
So far to date … I have a buyer, a house, XXXX debt that is ready to settle but no way to move thanks to a bank that has not proved this debt and as of today it has been over a month since I asked for proof this year. Over 4 years and lost count of the days since the first time. Please help me. I have to close this like a blink of an eye. Or I will have my own collections and my new address will be corner of XXXX and XXXX cardboard box fridgadaire. Sounds funny but serious as it can be.
My health is n’t good and I ca n’t work I can not handle this stress. I have been sick for weeks on end dealing with this. Medical bills and pharmaceutical costs have been outrageous over this pressure. I really need some help. We can not afford to keep on or my spouse will get fired having to take off to take care of me.
The banks do n’t care whose paying. Just pay!

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