Taking/threatening an illegal action

I was sued in XXXX court for a debt XXXX XX/XX/XXXX. The original debt was from XX/XX/XXXX. I appeared, the judge ruled against me, and they attempted to garnish my wages. I have filed an exemption which has prohibited them from successfully garnishing these wages every year every pay period since. They have renewed this debt yearly, in court, without my knowledge or notification of each new hearing. So I have never been present since the initial XX/XX/XXXX hearing. The debt now exceeds XXXX! They have frozen my joint account, and again I was not notified of this intent. I have learned there is a 10 year SOL in West Virginia on collection of a debt like this which would have expired XX/XX/XXXX. 2 years ago! How can the court have judged against me? How can Martin & Seibert in XXXX WV continue these shady collection practices, and through the court???

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