Taking/threatening an illegal action

Aqua finance, XXXX and there investment banks are harassing my family again. The harassment had lessened for a while but recently on XXXX/XXXX/15 Monday the harassment started up again! These companies are being protected that ‘s why it ‘s so hard to bring them to justice. It ‘s a lot of money being passed around. Monday ‘s date has a major significance to our harassment case and for those families that have been victimized by these companies. I think your office knows what we are referring to, nobody is above the law and we ‘re glad our U.S. Government is cracking down on these crooked companies and politicians! Back to the harassment on XXXX/XXXX/15 in the back parking lot of XXXX XXXX on XXXX 1 of there stooges was literally stalking me his plate number is XXXX XXXX. While I was waiting to p/u my client he pulled up next to me and just watched me clearly trying provoke me. When I left for a minute, he left too and when I came back so did he. The only difference was he parked right behind me. When I started to back up to leave and p/u my client, there stooge backed up extremely fast at the same time clearly tried to wreck our car. If had succeeded I would not have been able to work! That was obviously there plan and they have been committing these types of harassment tactics ever since. These companies conducted these types of felony harassment tactics a few yrs ago and we relayed these acts to the Texas attorney generals office in our complaint letters. On today Thursday XXXX/XXXX/15 I was trying to type up a new complaint update and print it out to be mailed to your office and literally watched my email get deleted right before my eyes. All our complaints have been deleted and that ‘s why I ‘m trying to go through your site again. The last XXXX times that I tried to submit a complaint through your site, I typed up a full complaint and got all the way to the end only to have my complaint blocked! We will not abandon our home and will not be forced to abandon our home. We will protect ourselves by any and all means! If and when our case goes to court, we will get all forms of media involved and that includes everybody that will listen! If your dept checks the camera at that XXXX XXXX back parking lot, you will there stooges come within a hairs length of hitting our car and they have been doing so everyday! We appreciate all your departments help but we wo n’t stop until these companies are brought to justice!

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