The Brainwashed MLM Warrior

Have you ever been brainwashed by any mlm company? If you dont know what I mean let me refresh your mind. Brainwashing occurs when you hang onto every single word that is being fed to you at company events, meetings and online training as well as training phone calls.

Hanging onto in this instance resembles your own inability to carefully judge, sort and verify the information that is being presented to you.

I have to shamefully admit that I was brainwashed. Not only did I believe what was told to me, but I was also stupid enough to act like a robot and convey those messages to anything that came within 5 feet of me.

Yes, it is a sad state of mind when we cant see the hill for the clouds anymore. My company continuously fed me crap. And stupid, or blue eyed as I was I believed every single word they said.

Strangely enough when I wrote my post on how to analyze any mlm the other day I noticed that my company was actually a pyramid in disguise. The sad bit about all of this is that they are still going after more than 20 years in business while I lost a lot of money with them.

It sucks!

And to how many of you has the same thing happened? My bet is thousands. Sadly it took me a couple of years of brainwashing until I saw the real truth. My company is one that operates in the murky recesses of multi level marketing while pretending they are the good guys.

But, I was recruited by being promised to make a lot of money by recruiting others. In fact, the whole focus of the business system I was in focused on nothing else.

Oh yes, they did tell us to hold home parties and such, but from where I stand today, this was only to cover their own asses. In the end it was and still is a big scam and what saddens me most is to see people I consider my friends still sucked up in their realms of pretension.

They are brainwashed and continue to be so. Are you too?

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