The Elusive Network Marketing Income

Do you struggle with your network marketing income? If so, you are among 95% of network marketers who do too. Most people will never earn positive cash flow after they spend themselves out of money they usually give up.

The problem is that we all look for easy fast money. I do it, you do it and unless we are prepared to work for results, nothing will ever happen.

The thing is that most people like to throw money at their problems and hope for some of it to stick. They are chasing the elusive dream of magical change and I can tell you right now, this is not happening unless you win the lottery or inherit a lot of unexpected money.

I suppose it is our easy come easy go lifestyle where we rather pay for something than work for it. But unless you do work, nothing will ever happen in your business.

Chasing the wrong tail end

Another reason why most people fail in network marketing and mlm is because they chase the wrong tail end. If your company asks you to distribute pamphlets and flyers into letter boxes for example, run a mile. I have done just that and never got anywhere with it.

Thinking back I have to say how stupid that was. I distributed around 10,000 flyers each months for over a year. I trod all over my neighbourhood in the hopes that some of my activity would stick. But to be honest it didnt and in hindsight it was a lot of wasted energy and money.

You need the right lead generation methods for success

The only way you can achieve network marketing success is with the right lead generation. Offline is yesteryears method unless you ARE a fabulous speaker and LOVE to chat to strangers about your opportunity.

Most people dont.

If you are most people, look for ways to generate leads online.

It will be the only way to grow your business exponentially.

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