The Importance of Being Earnest and Enthusiastic In Business

To have a successful business, there ought to be a degree of thirst. In satiable appetite to get more, do more and aim for more. Sadly, most business owners are fraught with daily operations so much that none of the above mentioned traits come to the fore. Plenty of case studies exist to prove that just by showing up in earnest and getting things done enthusiastically go a long way to help you run your business better. Why, you may ask? Here’s why:

Pushing yourself is fun: Usually, pushing yourself and to spend more time at work can be a painful exercise. However, when you are earnest and when you really like to do what you do, it can never be difficult. When you enjoy the process of a sales call all the way up to closing the sale while managing your customers and your team, it’s going to be a process you will begin to enjoy. It’s thrilling when a project comes through or when a customer sends in a “thank you” note.

More gets done: Whether you know it or now, when you approach work enthusiastically, a lot more gets done than when you approach it otherwise. Your productivity soars, your efficiency increases, and you will eventually cram in more work in those 8- 10 hours than most people can ever do in 3 days. That kind of productivity and efficiency never goes unrewarded.

The energy is contagious: When you show earnest, enthusiasm and a great love for your work, there’s this unmistakable energy about you. Energy has to spread to ensure equilibrium. Your team, your vendors and everyone else working for you (or with you) will experience an energy rub-off through you. You tend to be torch bearer for this huge spurt in energy levels within your team. Even your customers won’t be spared from this positivity around you.

Say, are you showing earnest in your work? How happy are you to get to work and run down that to-do list each day?

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