The Quickest Way to Lose Weight

So you’ve decided you want to lose weight and you want to opt for the quickest way to lose weight. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic pill for this; however, basic science can help you lose weight quickly and effectively. This article will discuss the quickest way to lose weight, what results to expect, physical exercise and diet. After reading this you will know the quickest way to lose weight for your situation.

You need a realistic and measurable target for weight loss. Weigh yourself now and measure your body fat percentage, if possible. Now the fastest rate you would expect to lose weight at is 4 pounds a week. Anything more is either dangerous or impossible. The methods you put into place for the quickest way to lose weight will form good habits with you so eventually you will keep the weight off permanently. However you can burn fat away faster. You don’t have to lose pounds to look good and be healthy. Keeping your muscle mass and reducing unwanted fat deposits is the best way forward.

People by nature want an instant fix to their problems or a magic pill. There is a big market for this in the weight loss industry. Some weight lose programs consist of taking supplements. These are mostly herbs and vitamins, and sometimes teas and gums that suppress the appetite. Unfortunately, my experience shows these can yield disappointing results if they are not researched properly. A lot of these supplements rely on the person to stick to a calorie controlled, balanced diet anyway. So any affect of these supplements may just be an effect of the sensible diet.

More than any other time in history, people are all vying to have the best, healthiest body possible. The health and fitness industries are making billions of dollars every year on herbal supplements, fitness equipment, gyms, and special diets. If you watch TV or read magazines, there is always some intriguing commercial asking for money to help you get into shape.

For the quickest way to lose weight you need to increase your physical activity. This is important because it helps the body burn calories faster. Increase whatever you are doing at the moment to get the body out of its comfort zone in terms of physical exertion. If doing cardiovascular exercise like running or cycling it is always a good idea to measure the amount of calories you are using up per session. Burning between 500-600 calories per day extra eventually is a good indication that you are doing well. You could incorporate into your exercise routine weight training for the quickest way to lose weight. This has been shown to burn away fat as well as cardiovascular training. Calories are spent repairing and increasing muscle size, especially in men.

Diet is obviously a very important consideration in finding the quickest way to lose weight. The food groups would go in this order of importance: protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and fats. Try to eat between 50-100g of protein a day and stay with five or more portions of fruit and vegetables per day with plenty of water. Eating smaller portions on a regular basis is also highly effective at being the quickest way to lose weight.

Follow these diet guidelines and exercise recommendations, and remember to drink plenty of water, and you’ll lose weight quickly.

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