The Secrets of Enthusiasm for the Direct Sales Industry

If you’ve ever been to a Mike training seminar, you’ll know he’s a ball of energy on stage.

“For anyone that has a dream or vision of where they want to go, they need to know that every dream takes time and action is crucial. One of the most powerful phrases I can quote is, ‘You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going’.

What this means is that most people wait for everything to be perfect before they get started. You don’t have to wait until the i’s are dotted the t’s are all crossed”.

Mike uses the school grading system to get his point across. “In school you get ratings of A,B,C or D. Most people wait until everything is an A before they get started, and what happens is that they never get started,” he said. When I get to a C, I get going! The importance of getting going and starting no matter where you are in life is that you get feedback. “One of the big differences between failure and success is that when most people are only thinking about going the successful people are already going and learning along the way. So by the time the hesitant person starts to get going, the other action oriented person is already 10 steps ahead of them. You don’t get growth from just reading great books, but you get growth from stretching yourself,” he said.

Mike suggests finding a partner who is strong where you’re weak and vice versa. I knew you’d all want to know as much as I did, so I asked him the obvious, “How do you find this person?”

He answers starting with a quote from Albert Einstein, which he said was one of his favourites for this subject: “Don’t look to become a person of success, look instead to become a person of value”.

“If someone looks to become valuable they will be able to accomplish anything they want. What happens is if you find someone who is strong where you are weak, you need to be strong where they are weak. You need to be able to help them and they need to perceive you as someone of value who will help them achieve their goals”.

“Most people say, ‘Oh I can’t find anyone who can help me’. This is the wrong idea,” he said. “You need to become someone who other people want to surround themselves with. You need to become the type of person that someone would want to become involved with, then you control the situation. Too many people pass on the responsibility and they complain and whine, ‘It doesn’t work’. If you become the type of person that can add value to someone’s life, then people will want to be around you. You will find more people than you can handle that can help you reach your dreams.
Mike is known to be a big supporter of Network Marketing as an extremely positive business model for people to become involved in. We asked the big one, “Are top networkers born, or can they be made?

“Well if networkers are born, then there would only be a handful of them out there,” Mike said. “No, no, they are made and moulded into the fantastic people they are now. People have to be developed,” he said. “One of my earlier mentors told me, ‘Nothing great has ever been achieved without stretching oneself’.

“I believe good networkers are created; they develop themselves; they create themselves. You want to develop your strengths, you want to read books like, ‘How to win friends and influence people,’ by Dale Carnegie. You want to learn how to become a better people person and develop your sales ability. One of my favourites for this subject is a book called, ‘How I raised myself from failure to success through selling,’ by Frank Bettger. What happens is that by learning the skills and stretching yourself, you improve your self confidence and develop belief in yourself. You do this by allowing yourself to fail and allowing yourself to not always be perfect and by understanding the premise and the power of the word ‘Value’.

Mike said to be a great networker you should try and capture the strategy of Socrates. The greatest networkers are the people who ask the best questions. Can anyone ask questions? “Yes, if you get out there and take the initiative. Go where people are that can help you, ask them questions and then Listen. If you do this then you will develop more relationships in 30 days than you would normally develop in a full year.”

“I have coined a new word, which you may find helpful for keeping my advice in mind – loverage. The more people you can help, the more you will help yourself. Another quote which relates to this says, ‘The most selfish way to be is to be unselfish. So loverage is the concept that the more value you offer then the more leverage you offer them to help you.

“Let’s say you own a printing store and you help another different type of store by offering to help them with some printing and some advice on which colours of paper to use. Now let’s say you are looking to open another store 6 months from now and you ask them for their help with your grand opening. Do you think they’re going to be more likely to help you now? Absolutely! They might help you with promotional flyers or they might do a mail out to their clients.

“So if you help enough people reach their dreams then your dreams will be so much easier, in fact they will seem like a breeze in comparison to if you had not helped these people. Too many people are self centred. If you focus on other peoples’ needs, then your needs will be easily met.

People need to get out of their comfort zones in order to achieve success, but most won’t do it. Mike says he has worked out why. “What happened to me was that I was running around in circles for 6 years. I had all these ideas and I would try something for a couple of days, then I would stop and try something else. So I ended up having what I call the idea avalanche. This means that when an entrepreneur first starts, they think that ideas are the best thing ever. They end up with soooo many ideas, but they don’t do anything with them; they’re paralysed by all these ideas that they have. There’s too much muddle and stress and this creates fear”. Mike said he used to think of million dollar ideas even before he had made $100 000. One of the biggest reasons that he thinks that people aren’t able to get out o their comfort zone is that their goals are set too high. “Now I know that this might be very controversial, but I think it’s one of the main reasons people don’t succeed. People say to me that they want to be millionaires and they haven’t even made $100 000. I would say to them that they should concentrate on making $50 000 a year before they go for a $100 000 year.”

Mike says that all of life teaches us that success is a logical progression of step by step. You have to crawl before you walk. “I believe in the magic of thinking small. If you make your goals smaller then you will generate a lot more victories in your life. If you do this, then I believe that you’ll tap into one very powerful force in getting what you want and that is the power of momentum. Most people never experience momentum in their life and they never get out of their comfort zones, because the bigness of their idea freezes them. There is a concept in Japan that is called Kaizen, which is based on the fact that when an idea becomes too big then you are paralysed on what to do. What you need to ask yourself is what is the next idea I need to take to move this Network Marketing business forward. Mike said if you can break your goal down then you will achieve it with twice the speed,” he said.

Some MLMers Finds themselves in a rut for no apparent reason. They are really trying; they set their goals and they try and work toward them, but they always seem to stumble before their destination. What advice does Mike offer such people?

“What I found with a lot of Networkers and other business people is that they quit before their riches. What I mean by this is that they try something for 60 days and if it doesn’t give them the $10 000 a month income that they set as their goal, then they go on to something else. Then 4 months go by and they go on to something else. It’s a vicious cycle. The reason I think for this is that people have a lack of self discipline, lack of confidence and a lack of follow through.

“One of the most important tips I can give for success, is something that Warren Buffet knows, it’s something that Bill Gates knows, it’s something that John Rockefella knew, and every successful entrepreneur understands. This relates to business success, and it is taking the long term view. The problem with a lot of people is that they say to themselves, ‘if I’m not going to be successful in 30-60 or 90 days then I’m going to go onto something else’. A lot of people put themselves in a rut that is self imposed.

“People should understand that this should be worked like any other business. They should like what they do and ideally love what they do. They should have a passion for it. They should believe in their product that they will do anything ethically and morally to sell their product.

“There is a great definition that success is commitment to completion. Most people would be financially free if they never gave up on the first opportunity that they found.

“The bottom line is that if you’re in a rut then there is a good chance you’re hanging around with negative people. My tip would be to join a group where positive people go. Surround yourself with these people. You need to start creating a better mental picture of yourself; you need to start seeing yourself as a success. Practice the art of visualization. You need to be successful in your own mind first. This is hard work but the rewards of that work are enduring and really make a difference.

“You need to earn the right to be rich. You must pay the price; sacrifice longer hours doing whatever you need to do to achieve success. If you do what 95 percent of the population does, then you’re not going to go where you want to go. You don’t need to be 100 percent better than everyone else, you just have to be 5% better and you’ll experience 100% of the rewards.

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