The Truth About Why People Quit Your Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing is a great industry with lots of potential for the average person to achieve some truly amazing results in life, and not just financially.

This is an industry that can take an ordinary person who is shy and introverted and completely change their personality and have them on stage in front of thousands of people telling them their success story.

Unfortunately many people who do get started with their own home-based business end up frustrated, misguided, sometimes broker than when they started or worse yet, bankrupt. And under these conditions it’s no wonder why they quit.

Fortunately there is a way for you to keep people who do join your business from quitting. But before I tell you what that is, and by the way its much simpler than you imagine; I want to talk a little bit about the standard philosophy that most companies and sponsors tell new recruits or reps. And that standard philosophy is something along the lines of:

“Make a list of everyone you know and let’s talk to them about this amazing opportunity. They’ll be sure to jump at the chance to get started and they’ll thank you for sharing it with them.”

And if you hem and haw, and are rather nervous and don’t really want to approach your friends and family and I don’t blame you, they usually come back with this great one liner:
“Well, if you were truly excited and really believed in this opportunity then you’d run out right now and share this with them because after all, the opportunity is something they need!”

And unfortunately many people who are new fall for this line of BS and talk to their friends and family about their great opportunity (and I’m guilty of doing this back in the day). Consequently they get chewed up and spit out by their friends and family this is usually the point where 80-90% of folks quit.

Before I continue with the secret to avoiding this pitfall of failure and disaster, I want to take a minute and share with you something that you’ve probably heard before but didn’t pay much attention to.

Many of the big dogs in Network Marketing love to quote Earl Nightingale (of Nightingale Conant), Earl once said something along the lines of :
“To achieve success, just find someone who has what you want and do what they’re doing.”

What the big dogs fail to mention is the rest of that quote where Earl continues and says:
“And in the absence of any good mentors to follow, just look at what the majority is doing and do the opposite because the majority is always wrong.”
And if you will truly stop and take a real good look around you, you’ll realize the truth in that statement.

Coming back to talking with our friends and family and the opportunity. We all know that this is the wrong way to start building a business, and if you’re still fighting this then I would suggest you try this method with your newest recruit and judge the results for yourself.

Put your ego aside because we are all in a business and businesses are there to make money not feed our egos or make us feel good; if that’s your case then you need to find yourself a hobby and go waste your money and time on that and quit building peoples dreams and hopes up only to crush them.

For those who are serious about making money and making your network marketing company work, then try this method out.

Instead of approaching your friends and family with the opportunity, approach them with your products or services that they need. In sales and marketing lingo, this is called finding a need and filling it. It is the true key to financial success, and it has been proven since we started trading way back before Jesus was born.

Using this one technique will cut your drop out rate to nearly zero because your new rep will see that people are truly interested and want the products/services that they have to offer. And instead of spending gobs of money each month on products for themselves they’ll have a base of customers whom they’ll make some residual retail money from.

Here’s the reality which no one in network marketing will ever tell you. You are different from your friends and family. You are more ambitious then they are, they, 95% of them are not interested in the opportunity (granted some will be, but they’ll tell you).

I’m not saying that your friends and family are bad people far from it. You’ve just decided to take a different path with your life and its okay.

You are truly willing to work and do what it takes to bring financial success to your family and I want to applaud you for making that decision, it is not a light one to make, and the road ahead of you is full of obstacles and frustration. But the rewards are worth it.

You will eventually achieve your goals, just don’t stop. But keep in mind, you have to be smart and treat you network marketing business like a real business. At the very minimum learn the basics of marketing and sales. This will make building your business so much easier.

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