Threatened to contact someone or share information improperly

I was contacted 2 days ago after receiving a slew of phone calls to my cell and work by XXXX separate phone # s cl aiming that I owe a debt to this collection agency calle d Professional Bureau of c ollection of Maryland for a Federal Family Education Loan in t he amount of {$690.00}. I do not owe this debt and it has nothing to do with me. The XXXX phone # s th at called me are XXXX – a guy named XXXX and the other # is XXXX – a woman answered the phone when I called it back and stated the name of the company. In addition to not owing a debt for a student loan, onl y 1 le tter was sent to me ( see attachment ) with the date of XXXX XXXX . By law, they are supposed to give me 30 days to dispute this debt as invalid before skiptracing me and taking aggressive actions. I did not receive this letter until 2 days ago. They called my place of work and did not even call my extension after being given it. This XXXX person told my co-worker, who happens to be my manager – every thing about this : the amount, ” case # ”, what it was for, that I had n’t responded, that they would be ” showing up with documents ” at my place of employment and this was all after being asked if XXXX wanted my extension to call me directly and leave a voicemail. He chose to provide confidential information illegally to someone else other than who the message was intended for. They continue to call me at every number at work – the direct customer service line, other extensions, etc. Each time, they threaten to come to my place of work and serve me some unknown documentation. I know my rights and I am aware that this practice is illegal. This company needs to cease and desist immediately ; they have the wrong person and besides that, to reiterate : these are illegal practices! When they call my cell phone, they leave no messages and yet want to tell my co-workers everything? How is this legal? I looked them up and there are a TON of rip-off report claims and other CFPB complaints against them! They were aggressive and demeaning.

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