Time Management for MLM Leaders

To be an mlm leader you need to get one thing down pat – time management.

Because when you are in control of your day, you can achieve anything you want.

The problem is that most home business owners think they are busy when in fact they did nothing that relates to their business growth that day.

We can all get so busy with checking our emails every 30 minutes, chatting with our mlm friends on Skype and browsing the web to get more educated. Believe me, I have been there and getting a hang on my own time management was one big frustrating road.

My struggle was to stick to a daily schedule. I was told by my upline to create a schedule with lots of time blocks for activities such as lead generation, downline mentoring, advertising, etc. But no matter how hard I tried to be a good scheduler, it never worked for longer than 2 days.

It took me many months to realize that keeping track of your time like this isnt for everyone. Im sure you are probably feeling the same. In fact, Im nearly willing to bet that most people struggle with this method.

So how CAN we manage our time to take control of the business?

Here is how:

Do whatever works for you. I dont believe that one method fits all and if you work well with activity logs, online time management tools or a diary, then keep doing what you do.

For the rest of you who still cant get a hold on managing their time, you need to first find what is holding you back. Is it:

  • Your lack of concentration?
  • Your fear to succeed?
  • Your inability to follow a plan (your plan)
  • Or is it something else?

Once I took a really close look at my own inability to manage my time I realized that I was afraid of success. While this might sounds stupid, believe me more people than not feel the same.

I also didnt work well with lists and plans and what not. I never have and never will. I have this huge rebellious opposition to being stuck in a “mould”. Following a DMO is exactly that. It is a mould that tells me I have to get up on this time; eat at that time and work according to the plan.

Once I knew that I would never fit into the DMO follower group I was free to come up with my own system.

I have followed this system for the past 20 months now and never looked back.

So what is your system? Do you currently still struggle with your time management?

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  • A simple method I use when there are a lot of projects going on at the same time is to break everything down in to components and have a list of tasks that needs to get done that day.
    It really works 2 ways. One it takes large things and makes them small things. Two it is amazing how much that can be accomplished when you are checking off high priority items all through out the day.

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