Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

Western Control ser vices out of Colorado claims that they served me for an old medical bill that they never did properly serve me. THey have a service form that goes to someone that I have never heard of and that did not live with me at my address at the time. I tried to tell them this and they continued with the garnishment. Now that the garnishment had been completed for over a month now, I have NEVER received a paid letter, I was over garnished and have still not received my refund, and the satisfaction of judgement has never been filed and this has now costed me a home loan and an auto loan. I have complained to the CFPB before and got nowhere, however, the AG for CO has stepped in to give me some advice and some help. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This company practices abusive collection tactics and uses false process servers so they can get around the system.

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