Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

In XXXX , I placed a call to this agency upon receiving a generic letter saying I owed them money, but not specifying what for. I spoke with a nice gentleman who informed me I owed them $ XXXX for ending my insurance policy with them in XXXX one month earlier than it was scheduled to end. I had been in bankruptcy at that time and informed him of this, to which he said he would update my account to document my bankruptcy. Thinking this was done, I went about my business until I noticed an {$87.00} collection record had been reported on my credit by this company. I was concerned because I had worked so hard to repair my credit after my bankruptcy. I called this company once again and at this time just wanted to pay the debt off. However, I was informed the debt reported on my credit was not accurate and I actually owed even more now. At this point, I became extremely doubtful of the honesty and integrity of this business and once again mentioned that this had been included during my bankruptcy. I was put on a long hold until someone different came back on and rudely advised me to send over documentation. I agreed to do so and sent over what form I could easily find in my email from my attorney in XXXX during the time of this debt. I sent the document over immediately that same day, XXXX / XXXX / XXXX , and called back shortly thereafter and confirmed it had been received and would suffice. I was advised to wait and watch my credit for the file to be updated. On XXXX / XXXX / XXXX I called back as the record had not yet been updated. The lady I spoke to said she could not find any information in my file indicating I had provided the bankruptcy proof and asked me again to prove it. I pulled up the email I had sent to them with the documentation and she put me on hold, she came back on the line and rudely informed me she had found the documentation and that I needed to wait up to 30 days to see the record updated on my credit and advised I check back after XXXX / XXXX / XXXX . I have checked my credit on XXXX XXXX every week since then and finally today, XXXX / XXXX / XXXX , I reached out, thinking this would have been more than enough time for the update to have been made. This time I spoke with XXXX XXXX who was immediately rude off the bat with no apparent reason why. Thinking perhaps she was having a bad day or even week, I tried to ignore her condescendingly rude tone. I gave her very brief background details and she cut me off and asked me to hold. She came back and rudely said while the documentation was in my file, it had not yet even been sent to the credit reporting agency. Naturally, I was stunned, as it had been 52 days since I had provided the requested documentation. I took a deep breath, as I could already tell this representative was in a foul mood and not caring at all about anyone but herself. I calmly relayed to her that I had been advised on XXXX / XXXX / XXXX that my file would be updated within 30 days from providing documentation on XXXX / XXXX / XXXX . She cut me off and told me nobody would have told me that as nobody could know that information. I assured her I had been told that and this was why I had called back again after 30 days, otherwise I would not have called back again after 30 days to check on the status. She kept cutting me off and talking over me and told me the ” girls in their center were well-trained and good at their jobs and would never state anything in regards to turnaround times ”. I stated that, while she herself had not told me that the turnaround time was up to 30 days, I had absolutely been told this by a representative in this company ‘s office. She started to become hostile and raise her voice at me and tell me I was wrong and had never been told that. I said that if she was saying that the turnaround time was 30 to 60 days, instead of 30 days, then why had nothing even progressed on my file after 52 days? The file was still sitting in their office in the same condition it had been 52 days prior. She said she did n’t know what more to tell me at this point and that they do n’t report to the credit agency every day. Seeing that I was not going to get anywhere with XXXX and no longer desiring to be treated as I was, I asked to speak to a Supervisor. To which she replied that she was a Supervisor. I asked to speak to her Supervisor. She told me she had no Supervisor. I said, everyone has a Supervisor. She said she did n’t. I said she must have one as she was not the owner of the company. She said she was the owner of the company. Well that just makes matters even worse if so, what kind of person who owns a business of this nature feels it is in the businesses best interests to treat people as she was treating me and has clearly treated other people based on the reviews on this page, XXXX , XXXX , XXXX , you name it. If you find the time to peek into those reviews, you will see the experiences of 50 other people who had an almost identical experience, and in just about every review, guess whose name pops up … XXXX ! I ended the call after she told me she was the owner, it was crystal clear I was not going to receive any kind of professionalism, or even the basest politeness. Apparently, she was upset after our conversation, as I was contacted a few minutes later, by a different representative who sounded quite polite actually, it is unfortunate I did n’t get her the first time. She had been asked by XXXX to call me back to review my file. The girl was very polite but she kept pausing and somebody was whispering to her in the background. Who was that person? XXXX ! She was feeding information into the girls ear to continue the argument. I would ask a question and the girl would pause, I would hear a whisper, and then the girl would reply. When the girl got fed up with this back and forth, she told me to hold while she transferred me to XXXX . I told her I did not want to speak with XXXX as I refuse to knowingly throw myself into a toxic situation. However, she had already started the call transfer process, and there was XXXX immediately picking up and trying to bicker with me. I kept trying to get a word in to tell her to just keep the debt open and let me get off the phone, as I think it is incredibly rude to hang up on someone. She refused to let me go and kept yelling at me, finally I calmly said, ” I am getting off the phone now as you are incredibly unprofessional, mean, and rude and I refuse to interact with you further, goodbye. ” S he just kept on yelling incoherently, and at this point I hung up, and am just praying to the heavens above they do not call me back. At this point, I am exhausted from this whole experience and am just going to let the debt fall off in its own time, damaged credit be darned. I am going to go leave this awful experience here, and go home to my wonderful family tonight, and just be incredibly grateful I am not as miserable and angry as XXXX . I genuinely hope she figures out how to be happy and stops sending out poison into the world around her, for her sake and yours. This is a collection agency, so writing a BBB review will not put them out of business or help you avoid them ; my only hope is that if you have the unfortunate luck to have them come after you, whatever you do, just do n’t talk to XXXX ! I submitted a complaint and negative review with the BBB. XXXX personally replied to the complaint and the review ( which is posted publicly on a website able to be accessed by the general public. In the response, she misrepresented her actions and statements, made up lies about the timeline of the complaint, and posted my personal information and specific details regarding my bankruptcy on the public webpage. This is a violation of my privacy and I feel warrants an investigation into this businesses operation and tactics as they are privy to the private information of so many people! One last thing to be aware of, it would appear XXXX is NOT the owner as she proclaimed. The owner is a XXXX XXXX XXXX as is reported through BBB.

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