Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

IQ Data c ontacted me regarding a debt my ex was responsible for. I informed them I was not responsible and that I would have him contact them. A few days later I was contacted and informed that he had set up a payment arrangement and they were calling to see what I could do. I again told them I was not responsible for the charge and that I was preparing for a military XXXX and to contact him. Once again they called and this time he told me to consider a settlement to prevent them from placing this item on my credit report. I asked them did my ex make an arrangement and any payments and the gentleman said yes to both that my ex made an {$850.00} payment and set up arrangements of {$330.00} to cover the remaining balance until the debt was paid. He then stated that he was offering me a deal to save money to prevent them from ruining my credit by placing it. I told him the debt was n’t mine and if my ex was actively paying them why was he threatening me with a settlement of {$1500.00}. I told him to please continue working with my ex and leave me out of it. They then placed this item on my credit report. My ex contacted them and again they told him they would do a deletion for a complete payment and he stated he was n’t in the position to pay that amount and the supervisor then told him ” I ‘m taking you off of the payment plan since you wo n’t do the settlement. ” This company is horrible! They are bullying individuals with the threat of reporting items and them forcing settlements in order to delete them. This is not my debt, this item was placed on my report specifically for the refusal of my ex to pay a lump sum. Although he already paid them {$850.00} to set up the payment plan, after refusing the settlement they removed him off the payment plan and then proceeded to take the {$330.00} anyway.

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