Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

In XX/XX/XXXX I pulled a copy of my credit report because I was robb ed by gunpoint.. w hen I pull the copy of my credit report I noticed there was this company ca ll profolio recovery I co ntacted them on numerous occasions to try to get information about this debt that they were reporting was unsuccessful they would not say me any information and stopped responding to any of my letters ; so at that moment I contacted all XXXX credit bureaus to see if I can get them to work in my behalf ; since I was on successful with trying to reach out to this profolio recovery in writing and phone calls. I submitted a dispute letter never gotten a response from either ( credit bureaus or profolio recovery ). So in XX/XX/XXXX I went through the process of trying to purchase a home and was informed of this company being displayed on my credit report once again after reaching out to this company many times.. I reached out to the XXXX credit bureaus as well as this company profolio recovery as well was still unsuccessful of getting a response in each of the credit bureaus dating is under investigation, no response after the investigation was over.. but it was still placed on my credit! XX/XX/XXXX I contacted the XXXX credit bureaus again because once again I was unsuccessful with getting a response from this company so I submitted a certified letter to all XXXX credit bureaus explaining once again that I was robbed by gunpoint with my identity, Social Security card and birth certificate and my car.. a sked that they submit to me a written contract with my signature that I requested this credit card but they ‘re verification was only that the credit card existed.. proof of documentation of the police report also the itemized statement of the things that I was robbed ou t of.. bu t even after I submitted the documentation was harassed repeatedly from this company about paying off a debt that I did not commit to that I was not even aware of and they still refuse to give me any written document of my signature that this credit card was mine, so in turn I reported them to the Attorney General ‘s office in the state of Louisiana it was informed that they are not licensed in the state of Louisiana to collect on a debt.. but this compan y profolio recovery continuously harassed me by phone and also continuously reporting negative items on my credit report without submitting to me any written contract.. I have reached out to this company on many occasions and still can not get a response.. I ‘ve also contacted all XXXX credit bureaus XXXX XXXX and XXXX it still was unsuccessful of getting a debt removed so I found it was in my best interest to make an additional report that was also advised to me by Louisiana Attorney General ‘s office.. I would like this debt removed off of my credit report because this debt is not mine thank you and have a blessed day

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