Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

I ‘ve been working with this ” company ” since XXXX XXXX ,2017 to pay off a loan the final balance was {$340.00 } ( original loan company XXXX XXXX XXXX ) the y set up monthly payments of {$60.00} which I made XXXX payment that came to {$240.00}. Everything was going smoothly, made my monthly payments time. Then on the XXXX of this month they hit my account. I was concerned and called the company ( spoke to XXXX XXXX .. if that is his real name ) and let him know that my account should n’t have been hit till the end of the month. He informed me that the previous ” agent ” that worked with me no longer works there and that he set up the payment. I asked ” XXXX ” what is my balance, he stated that I owe {$190.00} but he ‘ll offer me {$150.00} which will be my last payment on the XXXX . I thought about it and thought it was fair enough. Early Tuesday morning I got a bad feeling that I was going to be billed more than what I owe. I checked my bank account and counted the number of payments I have already made and made the conclusion that I owe XXXX instead of {$150.00}. I called the company back and spoke to this XXXX guy ( which is unprofessional ) and ask him why I am being billed {$150.00}. He stated that I made XXXX payments of {$50.00} not {$60.00} and there was a {$10.00} transaction fee. I was n’t aware of this from the previous guy. I asked XXXX XXXX why he told me before I owe {$190.00} when my balance from XXXX XXXX XXXX was {$340.00}. he told me There are interest charges!!! The original email they have sent me show that I owe XXXX ! No interests included! I got mad and argued with him and told him that I googled the phone number and read negative reviews and demand him to give me their website. He spoke in a low tone like he knew that I have caught on. I cancelled my card that they have on file. I am afraid they will take more than {$150.00}. I do n’t trust this company and the people that work there. Unprofessionalism and rude.I now know not to work with companies that are n’t BBB accredited. I have the original email they sent me if you would that. I will NOT give them anymore money! Few of their phone numbers are XXXX an d ( XXXX ) XXXX . The address I have found is XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX # XXXX XXXX ny XXXX . They still call and talk like I do n’t know about the loan XXXX XXXX and a XXXX XXXX I believe. I ‘m so fed up with them and so annoyed with myself to believe them. They will not get anymore of my money. The attachment is the letter they emailed me but I can not view it

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