Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

PMAB deliberately and dishonestly attempted to collect on a debt that I do not owe and opened an account in my name with a credit bureau, resulting in me being harmed by lowering my credit rating.
I had a disputed account with a hospital. I asked the hospital ‘s account department numerous times to provide proof I owed them money but they never did, only sending me basic balance statements that did not provide a trail of the balance due. In the past the same hospital had made mistakes on another account, stating I owed money when my balance was XXXX. I had paid thousands of dollars to my account and fully believed my account was XXXX, but on XXXX XXXX, 2017 PMAB sent me a letter stating I owed a balance of {$1000.00}. Also in the letter they offered a 50 % ‘settlement ‘ of {$520.00} if paid within 30 days of the date of the letter. I called PMAB and explained that I did n’t believe I owed any money, the hospital had never provided proof of owing a balance on this account, and that I did not want them to contact me again.
I also told them I ‘d not make any payment over the phone and make my decision of what to do. On XXXX XXXX, 2017 I RELUCTANTLY sent a check for {$520.00} to PMAB, even though I had NEVER received proof of owing the amount … well within their 30 day ‘settlement offer ‘ period. PMAB cashed my check and I thought the issue was done.
Today I received a notice from a credit monitoring service saying that an account had been opened in my name ( XXXX was now showing a negative account on my credit report ). The company opening the account was PMAB. I called PMAB and was connected to a XXXX XXXX ( ext. XXXX ). I nicely explained why I was calling and he firmly told me he was trying to collect a debt. When I explained that I had been contacted by my credit monitoring company and asked him why an account had been opened he again said it was to collect a debt relating to the original {$1000.00} balance. He originally did not mention I had made a payment of {$520.00}. At that moment I reached into my file, retrieved the XXXX XXXX, invoice that I had written the date and amount paid. I confronted him as to why they had opened an account with XXXX, placing a negative-past due account in my name. I then began to read their letter stating ” Please remit 50 % of the balance {$520.00} to close out your account. ” Again I explained that I had not believed I owed anything, but wanted to completely get them off my back so they would not place negative information on my credit! He then told me I STILL OWED the {$520.00} because I had not contacted them to say I was going to pay the {$520.00}. He acknowledged they had received the payment, but continued saying I owed another {$520.00}, even though I had paid within their 30 day settlement period, because I had not called to tell them I was paying. ( Since this conversation I have retrieved by payment check, it clearly shows PMAB had cashed my check before the expiration of their 30 days 50 % settlement time period. ) There is not doubt PMAB was attempting gain ‘another ‘ {$520.00} from me, even though they showed in their records I had paid the account in full prior to the 30 day settlement period.
After strong words were exchanged I told him I wanted a transcript of this call since I was told it was being recorded. He told me they do not provide transcripts. ( I bet my attorney could get one! ) Eventually he put me on hold and when he came back he told me he would contact the credit bureau and have the new account removed. I asked him for a letter stating my balance was XXXX and that my credit bureau had been contacted to remove the account. He implied it would take 48 hours to process. I told him I ‘d give them two weeks to get a letter to me. I ‘will ‘ be watching my credit to make 10000 % sure there is no information on my credit pertaining to this thieving collection company. Lastly, when I once again asked why an account had been opened in my name XXXX XXXX said, ” it might have been an oversight! ” Nice … ” an oversight ” with my credit!!!!!
In closing, it ‘s absolutely ridiculous that in today ‘s world, where your credit number plays in the cost of your insurance, home mortgage % offered, and so many other things, that sub-human companies like PMAB have the ability to just place or open an account in my name that will be reported to a credit bureau. By law, any information that might be harmful to an individual ‘s credit should automatically have a 90 day waiting period after the date that the client has been informed of the intentions of the company to place a report or open an account.
( I have learned since submitting a report to the BBB that my credit report has been harmed. ) Lastly, hospital billing has been horrendously poor, sending invoices without proper documentation, for years. They basically say, ” you owe this ” and you ‘re expected to pay without solid proof. If you do n’t pay they send the ‘debt ‘ to a collection agency, and they obviously do n’t care if you owe money or not, they just pressure/threaten you with placing the info on your credit report. THIS MUST STOP!!!

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