Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

Recieved numerous calls per day from an unfamiliar number. Up to 3 times per day. Calls would be all days of the wk. Never left a message, so I wasnt sure if it was telemaketers or not. Once I finally answered, calls were from Capio Partners . They were calling about a XXXX balance due to an XXXX visit. Keep in mind, this company has never mailed me any documentation. Due to circumstances, we ‘re currently a XXXX income family at the moment. I tried to set up a payment plan, and they demanded debt to income info. The representatice said ” this is a new account, and you need to pay XXXX % of the balance before it ‘s reported to the collection agency. ” They ‘ve harassed me. Failed to notify me in writing. And threatened to report to credit bureau if I did n’t pay the XXXX % today. All of these actions does not change my ability to pay more than I have available! Horrible service from a collection company

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