Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

I have a very old debt with XXXX XXXX from about 10 years ago on a private student loan. Apparently now the company is called Navient although I have never signed any contracts, nor do i acknowledge any obligation to ‘Navient. ‘ I was told i would be forced to give my banking information and that there was no other option in my case, because ALL deferments and forebearances had been exhausted at that point. None to my recollection, did i request. They also told me that despite my unemployment, i would have to pay a {$160.00} payment per month. I communicated that there would be no way possible for me to manage this. My spouse is a XXXX XXXX XXXX , and on a fixed income and I spend a lot of time taking care of said spouse, doctor ‘s appointments, health issues etc. They constantly suggest that i contact the co-signor who i have repeatedly communicated that I am Estranged from, effective indefinitely for very personal and irrevocable reasons. There is no way around it. They continue to give me no options. I gave them my account info, All while letting them know that there was no way i could keep up with {$160.00} per month. They took my info, charged me the first time. It was a very hard month. They succeeded in getting another {$160.00} the next month which also very negatively affected my household. By the third month, the payment did not go through of course because this was money I didnt have in the first place, and now they are threatening to place a default on my credit file. There are also Very many negative late payment marks on my credit score from du ring the time period they claim that my loans were in a forebearance/ deferrment. This company has harassed me, called me at work in the past to the point where discipline to me was threatened and other co-workers had personal information on me that made it a very hostile work environment. Clearly it was Navient Calling. They are making my life a living XXXX . I would like to buy a hous e one da y, but they have so many negative marks on my credit file that i doubt it would be possible. Please help!

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