Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

I took out an advanced payday loan in the amount of {$500.00} while struggling through college in ” XXXX XXXX ”. At the time I was working part time in between classes and was soon getting ready to graduate in XXXX XXXX . I anticipated paying the loan back a fter two weeks, however, I was not able to fulfill that obligation. Graduating meant that I needed to focus on my grades to assure completion, so I left my job and lived on bare minimum funds. Thus not being able to pay the loan back immediately or agree to payment arrangements. Fast forward to XXXX XXXX — This debt has gone way over my head!! I ‘ve had so many things going on in life that I totally missed this and by the time I tried to reach out to the original company, they had already sold it! I receive a phone call from my mother-in-law stating that someone left her a voicemail detailing this debt and warned her that they would take legal action if I did n’t respond. They stated that they needed to get documents to me right away but have not been able to get in contact with me. I reached out to them to get more information, ( I have not idea what this is about at this point. I do n’t even live in the state and it ‘s been well over a year, all my debts are paid! ) about this debt and find that it is the pay day loan that was taken out over a year and a half ago. I am currently unemployed, so I tried to reason with her on a date that I could call back to pay it off ( giving me time to accumulate the money ). The representative was very argumentative and aggressive in her approach. She told me that my compromise was ” unacceptable ”. She repeatedly told me that they would file a case against me in court. I continued to tell her that I do not have a job. I DO NOT HAVE A JOB!!! What am I to do besides try now to make an arrangement? This conversation ended with her hanging up or accidentally ending the call. * I want to insert that this is my first time speaking with this company. I do n’t even know if they are legit. * I understand that we all have jobs and rules that we have to follow, but were is the humanity? If a brother or sister owes me money, I will not continue to hound them or make them feel pressured/threatened in that moment if they can not pay me right then/lost their job. This is what drives people into doing things that we all regret after it ‘s done. This is how people lose their way. This is a huge stressor and I am writing this to let them know that they WILL NOT break me! I was able to work with another creditor who was more than willing to set up a payment arrangements with me and I am done with my payments to them.

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