Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

I purchased a XXXX XXXX XXXX from XXXX in XXXX NC in XXXX XXXX . The vehicle was Financed ” American Credit Acceptance ” on XXXX XXXX , XXXX I applied for a Re-financed Loan with XXXX . I was approved. As previously financing a vehicle with XXXX , I assumed the check was out, and everything was as normal. However, in XXXX , ” ACA ” contacted me to inform me the loan was past due, I made a payment of {$1000.00} out of good faith while I tried to resolve the matter. Only a Few days later, ” ACA ” Repossessed the vehicle in the dark of Night, and THEN told me I needed to pay {$2000.00} to get me vehicle back. I offered Proof, they were not interested. Only after I vented my frustration, they offered me a deferment. WHY was n’t this offered before collecting the unit. I was very vocal about what I was doing, and the process in place. The they offered the repossession fees only of {$670.00}, in order to reclaim my vehicle. As I am in the middle of XXXX in the XXXX XXXX , this repossession KILLS my eligibility, when I ‘ve worked for over 2 years in preparation, paying down debt, refinancing loans, rebuilding credit in order to obtain security clearances. My credit bureau shows 76 days late, and a repossession. XXXX , quickly resolved their issue within 15 minutes. After HOURS on the phone with ” ACA ” my vehicle is gone, along with my military aspirations! The way I was treated on the phone, was criminal! The unethical collection practices of American Credit Acceptance is CRIMINAL!

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