Top Leader Spotlight

You’re in the spotlight! You’ve got 2 minutes to answer the following questions. The clock is ticking…go!

Why did you get out of a job and get into MLM?

Sick of factory work and making others richer. Living with Michelle’s parents and just getting by in life

Best thing about MLM

So many things! Probably that an average Joe like me. With a core desire, stung work ethic and a never say die attitude, can achieve whatever your heart desires

Top Book Recommendation

“The DNA of Success”, Jacky Zufelt and “The 45 Second Presentation”, by Don Failla

The most important thing to do for success in MLM

a) Personal Development – every day
b) Perseverance…don’t quit…ever
c) Numbers – throw mud at the wall and naturally some will stick
d) Teaching to teach – duplication of yourself

What happens in your average day?

I pray and read scriptures, attempt to exercise, and take the kids to their Private College. When I get back I check emails, and spend an hour on the phone calling my family overseas, distributors and 3-way call contacts. Then I work on stuff for my band, one of my passions. I have lunch, speak with leaders, and go get the kids from school. Have dinner with the family then attend opportunity and training meetings.

The first few months in MLM are the hardest. Did you ever feel like quitting? If so, what did you do to change your attitude?

Well for me it was sooo easy. I used the concept of ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice How can a factory worker advise on nutrition, and a broke guy advise on business? So I never pretended that I know a lot on the subjects. I used a specific audio tape and became very good at asking people for their “opinion” and I never felt like quitting. I remember what Einstein said about insanity – Doing the same thing you always have but expecting a different result. I love common sense!

Best tip for cold contacting

My mentor in TNI is the King of Cold Contacting. He made “Millions” doing this style. I’m not an authority on this because I made mine using the ‘know you, like you and trust you’ style. If I were to tell you what Bert does, it’s contact… inform…contact… inform…contact… sponsor!

Best tip for warm contacting

The One minute Presentation inspired by Big Al Schreiter. AMAZING!

Best advice to offer someone just starting out

Identify your ‘Core desire’. The ‘How ‘ is the easy part of our business. As long as you have a good company, great products, fair comp plan and an easy ‘road map’ for your people to follow. The ‘Why’ is what will fuel you through the good times, the bad times, the doubt times… ANYTIME! You see, when you know what your Core Desire is, you won’t depend on outside motivation. You will be motivated from within!

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