Trouble during payment process

Our Mortgage was taken over by Bank of America in XX/XX/XXXX and we have had nothing but discrepancies with our payments with them ever since.We have tried to modify or re-fi our loan several times since XX/XX/XXXX and Obama claimed ” I have made it easier to modify mortgages for the American people ”. We were denied a modification and In XX/XX/XXXX our lawyer filed a Motion to Compel Accounting w ith the courts to try and correct the shortage error they said we owed. I have provided bank statements 4 or 5 times, with proof each time of 2 years back payments to them over the last 7 years we have been fighting with them. They corrected the first time with a payment by B of A of {$14000.00} on XX/XX/XXXX . The second correction was a payment by B of A of {$11000.00} in XX/XX/XXXX . I have spent hours on the phone with B of A and in my total and utter frustration asked them to open up a claim in B of A ‘s ” Research Dept ” to try to correct this. A man named XXXX called me weeks later and said he was from the ” Acquisitions Dept ” with B of A ( # XXXX ) and stated when I questioned what was the mistake? I feel B of A owes me an apology and he just said ” I do n’t know, your loan miraculously was fixed of a {$15000.00} mistake! ” B of A is stating it is now currently that we are {$59000.00} behind. I am soon refusing to give them any more statements or time on this matter. We have never missed a payment in these time frames! We finally stopped making the mortgage payment several months ago to get them to do something, they said the only way we would qualify for a mod is if we stop making the payments. In order to stop foreclosure now we recently went to credit counseling and applied for HEMAP. We were denied HEMAP because we make too much money. They have offered a modification finally!!! The terms are NOT to lower the payment and interest rate from currently 7.9 %, but they raised the 3 trial payments to {$75.00} above the payment we were currently paying. AND they will not disclose the ” terms ” of this mod until we make the 3 trial payments. Never heard of such a thing! B of A told me the increase of the mod payment was for the shortage we are behind.The counselor from the credit counseling agency we went to said she has never seen this atrocity before in her 23 years in the field, there is something wrong, especially since they corrected the error twice on their end and we should file several complaints with whoever will listen. I filed a formal complaint with PA Dept of Banking in XX/XX/XXXX to no avail, did n’t even hear back from them except that they have notified the Bank of our concern. What this Bank has done to us has ruined our credit. We have not been able to refinance with any other bank because B of A has reported us as late payments all of this time since XX/XX/XXXX , AND they have charged us late payments of {$100.00} every month since then! We are good people who have always paid our bills and our credit was in the high XXXX XXXX when we bought this home. We have been her e 17 ye ars and do not want to lose our home. We are fed up. Please help.

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