Trouble during payment process

PNC Mortgage. XXXX . XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX They lost my check/payment I mailed in. I mailed it in and they cash ed one o f the checks on XXXX / XXXX / 17 . They lost the other check. They did not call me until today XXXX / XXXX / 17 . I have tripled checked and I confirm tha t two checks were sent ( in same envelope like we have been doing for 10+ years ) but it looks like they only cashed one. They said I am late. And now I have to pay a {$170.00} late fee. They said no way to check what happen!!!???? I would have to mail another check, or pay some other phone etc …. They have no idea where my check is, really??? Can they do that === lose my check and then charge me a late fee? AND now … ..this will show up on credit report as a LATE payment!!. Please help me

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