Trouble during payment process

US Bank did a loan modification for which I received their agreement and signed in XX/XX/XXXX . I have not missed ANY payments since that modification. I am now being told my loan is in default for payments not received from BEFORE the modification agreement began. They are also now refusing to accept any more payments from me, unless I pay back from 7 months PRIOR to the modification agreement.

Required Trial payments, which were a prerequisite of the modification were done XX/XX/XXXX XXXX XX/XX/XXXX . It appears US Bank then typed their paperwork effective XX/XX/XXXX , with payments being due XX/XX/XXXX . However, the original modification was not received until XX/XX/XXXX . It has numerous errors of which we filed a dispute. Some of the errors were corrected & the newly Corrected Modification packet was not received by me until XX/XX/XXXX .

The modification agreement was not received by me until XX/XX/XXXX . This can be verified by page 1 of the modification wherein it states ( Executed on this day : XX/XX/XXXX ). Page 1 of t he modification agreement also states ” Cash amount required ” ” 1st Modification Payment of {$810.00} ” is due within 14 days of receipt of the modification. This further validates that payments were expected to begin in XX/XX/XXXX & not XX/XX/XXXX .

Why am I being held responsible for payments PRIOR to the modification agreement? Especially since the modification states that payment amounts and due dates would be modified after I sign and return a copy of the agreement to US B ank. To require a person to began a modification in default defies the purpose of a modification and has to be illegal. When you accepted my initial payment with the modification in XX/XX/XXXX , I would have already been 8 months behind if your XX/XX/XXXX due date was correctly written. You also did n’t notify me of this XX/XX/XXXX date until XX/XX/XXXX

I spoke with US B ank employee XXXX XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX at @ XXXX CT, who confirmed this mistake and said the modification payment 1st d ue date should NOT have been for XX/XX/XXXX as you all did not execute the agreement until XX/XX/XXXX . He asked me to email him & XXXX XXXX and they would initiate an Appeal. However to date despite my numerous attempts to reach them and multiple other US Bank employees, NO ONE WILL RESPOND!! I have spent hours on the phone trying to get this resolved to no avail.

I am XXXX years old wi th a XXXX XXXX . I can not continue to handle this undue stress and the thought of losing my home that US B ank is imposing on me as an il l Senior Citizen. It appears US B ank is looking for a reason to take my home and leave me homeless for their benefit, even though I have made all my payments since the modification. How many poo r Senior C itizens have lost their homes because they do n’t have the strength to keep fighting wit h US Bank and US Bank wins in the end?!?

Thanking you all in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

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