Trouble during payment process

I have been a custom er of CitiMortgage since XXXX on my mortgage. I have NEVER had a late or missed payment. Payments were auto-drafted and never had a problem from XXXX to XXXX . My mom got sick and I had to move in with her to help. I could not afford to keep up XXXX houses. I contacte d CitiMortgage about selling my house in a short-sale, as I had a buyer and contract. I had 4 extensions on the contract to sell my house due to CitiMortgage ‘s inept system. I was told that ” bankruptcy cases were worked first before short-sales, ” so my file was not as important. My buyer was put on hold for 13 months. He really wanted that house because his brother lived next door. I was in constant contact with CitiMortgage and did everything they asked for promptly. An appraisal they requested listed much false information ( wrong county, wrong information about my house ) which I caught. I asked that it be corrected which took several months and phone calls. Then I was told that CitiMortgage hired new workers and they had to go to training. More months went by. CitiMortgage sold my pap ers to XXXX XXXX Mortga ge ( Loan No XXXX ). XXXX Mortgage wanted me to start the process all over again. After 13 months of waiting on CitiMortgage, I was forced to file bankruptcy. Meanwhile, CitiMortgage continued to charge me interest on my house loan for 13 months when it should have only taken 3 months for a short-sale approval. My realtor and mortgage lender for my buyer are furious!!! Several months into the process CitiMortgage ‘s representative warned me that it could take several months longer if I insisted that this be handled through attorneys. So I waited it out. It appears that they made money by making my life miserable, along with my buyer, his mortgage lender, and my realtor. After XXXX Mortgage asked me to start the process over, I could n’t do it emotionally or financially. My house is now in foreclosure and I have filed bankruptcy. The amount XXXX Mortgage attorneys say I owe is {$81000.00}, which is severa l thousand dollars more than it should have been. I take the financial hit, my realtor has over a year of wasted time with no money received for her work, my buyer has no house after waiting for 13 months, and his lender has wasted time without any punishment for CitiMortgage. Incredible! Who can make this better? Who has the power to punish the big companies?

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