Trouble during payment process

Our VA loan was sold to Loancare within 30 days of closing in XX/XX/XXXX . We have not had any issues until now. On XX/XX/XXXX ( date of statement, not the date the statement was received ) we received a letter stating our escrow was – {$5100.00} and starting XX/XX/XXXX , ONE MONTH NOTICE, our payments will increase {$710.00}! Wow, how can this be? Who can make such a drastic increase in payments? I started researching and seeking help through outside sources so I could learn more about what I was going up against. I submitted a request online from Loancare for my detailed escrow statement from the beginning of the loan. I received the same statement I had already received in the mail. I called on XX/XX/XXXX XXXX , spoke to XXXX # XXXX , and he was unable to see what happened so put me on the phone with supervisor XXXX . XXXX stated that m y Homestead Exemption w as not applied to the loan. XXXX called the county while I was on hold and also verified online that my Homestead Exempti on was active. She stated she would upload it to my loan and contact the tax supervisor at their company and within 5 days have the payments adjusted. I called on XX/XX/XXXX , spoke to XXXX # XXXX , and was told that nothing was pending and no task was opened 5 days ago. She stated that they have a copy of the Homestead paperwork but want me to get a copy of the Homestead Exemption showing it is active and send it to them. She stated I should of done this when I requested the escrow breakdown? How was I to know to do this if no one asked me to? I was told a stop would be put on any late fees that may accrue. I stated that they should already have that information because the supervisor I spoke with said she was able to pull it up. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they were all busy and she would have one call me back in an hour. I knew they would n’t but was assured she would see to it that they do. I received no call and it was the weekend so they were closed and I could n’t call back. XX/XX/XXXX I was able to hunt down the Homestead Exemption and emailed it to Loancare as requested. I called on XX/XX/XXXX , spoke to XXXX , and was told that the Homestead Exemption I sent has an estimated tax for the upcoming year and I need to submit the actual tax. WHAT? First off, I received that information fro m the county a nd they do n’t have the tax yet, which is why it is estimated. And secondly, this is not what was requested of me, the Homestead Exemption be ing active is what I was asked to show. And lastly, this is not my job, this is what I pay them to do. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was placed on the phone with XXXX XXXX . She stated she does n’t know why anyone is telling me they need the Homestead paperwork as it is already applied to my loan. She stated the escrow is short because of an error on their behalf. Apparently Loancare paid the school taxes and no t the county t axes. They tried to blame it on the county no t billing them. I remember getting tax statements from the county so I pulled those out and on XX/XX/XXXX I had called Loancare, spoke to XXXX , stating that I received the school taxes and asked is they have a copy of it. He said they already have it but since it is for {$2300.00} and they show {$1400.00}, to fax it to him. I faxed it and have a confirmation sheet showing it was received. I was told by XXXX that I now have to pay f or the county taxes and get my escrow current. The school taxes were {$2300.00} and the county taxes were {$2300.00}. XXXX stated my escrow had {$1500.00} balance before they paid the school and county taxes. I told her this is a hardship on my family, as it would be for any family and she stated she would get with the escrow department and see if they could help me in any way. XX/XX/XXXX I left a message for XXXX for status with no response. XX/XX/XXXX I left a message for XXXX for status with no response. XX/XX/XXXX XXXX and XXXX I left a message for XXXX , she called back stating she has a supervisor helping her and assured me this would be fixed today. I emailed her directly a letter requesting the amount to be prorated for 48 months as she requested. XX/XX/XXXX XXXX I left a message for XXXX for status with no response. XX/XX/XXXX XXXX I left a message for XXXX XXXX she called back and stated it is still pending. She stated they had to reach out to XXXX XXXX co to look into this issue. She put a stop to calls on our late payments and made sure all late fees would continue to be waived. I told her about how I called in XXXX with the tax documents and emailed her a copy of who I spoke with and the fax confirmation page. XX/XX/XXXX XXXX pm I left a message for XXXX for status with no response. XX/XX/XXXX my husband received a call from XXXX asking for me. He told her to call my phone number and I did n’t receive her call for hours even after I tried calling her 3 times. I was told that the escrow amount would be granted for 36 months prorated and my new payments are {$1600.00}. This is still a {$430.00} increase in payments! I told her I still ca n’t make those payments and she said she would put in a request to have it re-evaluated for 48 months like I originally requested. She stated she has her supervisors XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX helping her in this issue. I got off the phone last night and started doing math. I emailed her this morning, XX/XX/XXXX asking for clarification. I am curious where they are getting {$1600.00} from? If {$2000.00} was prorated for 36 months, it should be a {$57.00} increase on our payments. If {$3000.00} is needed to make escrow current ( as XXXX stated XXXX , it should be a {$250.00} increase on our payments. {$57.00} + $ XXXX = {$310.00}. However they are showing an extra {$110.00} added to our payments. We are wondering what the {$110.00} for, as we do not show that amount being accounted for? I do n’t understand why we are being put through so much distress for this when it was an error on Loancare ‘s behalf and at no fault of our own. We are now 2 months behind on payments because we do n’t know our current mortgage payment amount. This ca n’t be legal and I am thinking about hiring an attorney. I understand I owe this amount regardless and am willing to do so, I just need them to work with me so I can afford these payments along with cost of living. Please HELP!

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