Trouble during payment process

I have worked on this problem with Citimortgage since XX/XX/XXXX resulting in a severe runaround. If you XXXX ” problems with Citimortgage ” you will see multiple web sites reporting the same situation I have experienced. In XX/XX/XXXX a man from Citimortgage called my Insurance company, XXXX and canceled my insurance putting their own insurance on my XXXX loan. Their insurance was 4 times the cost of XXXX. They then said my Escrow and Insurance accounts were drained and the only way it can be fixed is by doing a refinance which now they are calling a modification. The papers they recently sent are not the ones I signed because they do not show the Notary Seal. XX/XX/XXXX they were crediting {$150.00} towards my Principal which was at {$43000.00} …. now today they credit {$24.00} towards principal with a balance of {$53.00}. Loans decrease with payment not increase. Plus the paper they just sent says it wo n’t be paid off til XX/XX/XXXX, this is impossible. It ‘s a 30 yr fixed begun in XX/XX/XXXX. Do the math. They are conducting a scam. Every time I call I ‘m transferred multiple times and get no where. I have spent 6-7 hours on the phone for multiple days, weeks and for years since I discovered what happened. A lady from Citimortgage researched my file for four hours with me on the phone and she found proof that they were not crediting monies to my principal as the loan states. She set up a case with a report of what she found and scheduled a call back … .when she did not call I called her direct number to be told she had been fired. I have asked for my file to be sent to me multiple occasions to be told they have lost my file and can not pull up my payment history. I opened over 15 ” cases ” as they call them, never to get any answers. I then noted main contact names at the top of my statements with contact numbers. I would call to find either they had been fired, or no longer in the department, or told they had never worked for Citimortgage. I have mortgage insurance and they have refused to tell me who that is so I can contact them … .I asked who the President of Citimortgage is for notification and they refuse to give a name or way of contacting him or her …. ( I think it is XXXX XXXX . ) They have closed all of their Citimortgage offices so I went into several Citi Banks in multiple states and they say Citimortgage only exists by phone and most of the call stations are outside of the United States. I even quit making house payments in hopes of getting someone solid or real assigned to my account still with no success. By the way I have recieved boguss phone calls from XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, and??? other countries around XXXX or XXXX XXXX wanting my Citimortgage information. I have shown my loan documents to professional loan companies and they all say I have major problems, the docs do n’t look real, and by their calculations I should owe a lot less than {$53000.00} … .around 27,000. So in good faith I called to pay off my loan and end this nightmare and still no return calls, no instructions in how to do so, and their Bank said they could not take the payment. I got two different woman on the phone that stated they owe me money and they put me on hold to figure out how much money was owed to me only for a supervisor to get on the phone and hang up on me. I ca n’t tell you how many times they just hang up. This has reached EMERGENCY STATUS! I have read of several who gave up and walked away from their homes. Citimortgage should be held accountable like XXXX XXXX. There needs to be a detailed investigation I ‘m not the only one!

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