Trouble during payment process

I missed one payment XX/XX/XXXX . Then another in XX/XX/XXXX . In XX/XX/XXXX I applied for a loan modification after receipt of a ” Notice of Intent to Accelerate ” from Selene Financial. Selene claimed to have not received this packet initially, so again in XX/XX/XXXX I resubmitted all documentation via e-mail and US Mail as instructed by the Mortgage Company. Each time I called, I was told some document was missing. They did this until all documents were stale dated. Once again, in XX/XX/XXXX I resubmitted. This started a vicious cycle I was to familiar with from the last 2 applications. In XX/XX/XXXX Selene refused my payment. I sent it back to them. They returned the payment once again, thus making it look as though I did not pay. I contacted the Law Offices of XXXX XXXX and hired the firm XX/XX/XXXX . I had prepared a new loan modification packet ( # 4! ) to which my attorney submitted, under his firm ‘s name, and by golly this was approved! I started paying again in XX/XX/XXXX , continually, in fact I am a month ahead on my account.
On XX/XX/XXXX , my mother signed for a registered mail from Selene ( even though I am still represented technically ) which happened to be another Notice of Intent to Accelerate! I promptly called Selene, and was informed they can not speak to me because I am represented. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was switched to XXXX XXXX , supervisor of the loan resolution department. He was not only unhelpful, he was RUDE.
I have spent {$3000.00} on my attorney to submit a packet I had done 4 different times. I have paid my mortgage on time, except for 2 times, XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX . This company is reprehensible! I consider this harassment at this point.
I wo n’t even get into the credit damage this has caused!
What can I do about this? How do I stop this from happening non-stop for the next 30 years?!

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