Trouble during payment process

I do not know what to do, as Statebridge Company will not respond to the RESPA ‘Fully-Qualified Written Requests ‘ that I have sent ( in the same envelope as monthly payments. ) I had a XXXX credit score a nd took out a loan to buy a house ( XXXX XXXX al ). I also took out a HELOC ( XXXX XXXX . ) I never missed a payment until just before I was supposed to receive a promotional {$5000.00} for not missing a payment for five years. My loan was suddenly not online and in-branch, they could’t find any information. Statebridge Company never notified us that they were our new ” Lender, ” but credit alerts showed a derogatory account. I called Statebridge and they told me that I was in pre-foreclosure, and that there ‘s nothing that we ca n do. They registered us with a property management company- XXXX XXXX XXXX – w ho trespasses and registered us in a ‘foreclosed property ‘ database, meant to reduce blight i n XXXX XXXX .
Statebridge Company charges us regular NSF fees when payments are made in guaranteed funds, they wo n’t apply payments. Every month, after sending the payment ” on-time, ” the next statement always carries a fee that was n’t invoiced, such as repairs (?, ) ‘VAC PROP REG, ‘ ‘BPO, ‘ ‘Inspections … ‘ always billed the day after the grace period ends, making us late and causing more fees.
The Escrow accounts also do not add up. HELP!!

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