Trouble during payment process

I had lost my job i n 2014 and was in the middle of a mortgage modification with my mortgage company. I had 50 % equity in my home. In the XXXX of 2014 my mortgage was taken over by OCWEN. After two y ears of pure stress produced from foreclosure threats, confusing conversations, correspondents and refused payments, they finally modified my mortgage. During that time they lost documents, made financial mistakes and in the end added {$12000.00} more to my principle. XXXX I am now stuck with a mortgage with a deceitful, dishonest company. I know they have been sued over and over for the same reasons. If not for my own persistence and knowledge in the matter, I would have lost my home. I have recently asked them for detailed information regarding the added {$12000.00}. As usual, I received a document that makes no sense and no explanation for the added {$12000.00}.

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