Trouble during payment process

I had a line of credit with Wells Fargo Bank. The account was established in XXXX . In XXXX payments stopped due to divorce. The account was charged off and I was told that they were going to write the amount off as a loss due to the house being upside down . They told me that I would receive a XXXX . I never received a letter stating that they had sold the account or the servicing of the account. I was contacted by a company by the name, XXXX stating that they were working on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank to collect on the debt. I then filed bankruptcy and listed both Wells Fargo Bank an d XXXX XXXX . My ex-husband was living out of state and managing the property. I was living in another location.

In XX/XX/XXXX a company by the name of XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX stated that they bought the Heloc from XXXX and they attempted to foreclose on the property and did an unlawful detainer. I was never notified of any of these activities. Well, the first loan is with XXXX XXXX and they own XXXX of the property. XXXX XXXX XXXX state that they paid XXXX for the Heloc. Th ey also paid XXXX in mortgage payments after the house was not being rented out and another XXXX in taxes and insurance on the property. They then did renovations exceeding XXXX . The house is only worth XXXX , so there is already a problem. We still have the first loan with XXXX . XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX paid the mortgage account still being in my name. The same account number and loan contract. Here ‘s the problem. Wells Fargo Bank claims to have sold the Heloc to XXXX XXXX who had their license revoked and could not do business. The IRS had the secretary of state revoke the license. XXXX is also XXXX and they also had their license revoked and could not buy or sell as well as servicing the loan.

XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX is linked to these companies under an umbrella. They were playing the shell game. Wells Fargo B ank claims to have sold the Heloc in XX/XX/XXXX to XXXX . This is when their license had been revoked. They could not do business in California or Nevada. My property address is XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX , Ca XXXX . The secretary of state says this was unlawful and for me to contact the DOJ to report it. If the original sell was unlawful than everything after that should be null and void and they should go back and deal with the people that were unable to buy the HELOC from them. I contacted Wells Fargo and told them about this company that had done an UD an d was trying to take my property. I told them that XXXX XXXX had their license revoked and could not to business. I told them that the company went out of business prior to the purchase and has problems with IRS.

I subpoenaed the documents and asked to see the sell documents between Wells Fargo and XXXX . I asked that they provide me with a legal answer as to how it could be lawful to sell the servicing and loan to a company that is unable to do business and had their license revoked. They were unable to answer and stated that it is proprietary information and they do n’t have to disclose. I subpoenaed the check from the sell and the names of the people involved in the transaction as well as the sell documents . Wells Fargo state d that it is all proprietary information and even if I had a Notice to Consumer th at they would be unable to give me that information. This seems like fraud and this company, XXXX XXXX XXXX is unable to show that they purchased the HELOC from themselves or their sister company. They also are owned by XXXX , who had their license revoked. The money that they put into the property with only purportedly having interest in the second or junior loan does not make sense. The figures do n’t add up. They would take a loss and not to add in that they had legal fees for the illegal unlawful detainer that I was never notified about.

Wells Fargo Bank p rovided me with a two page docum ents stating that they had mailed it to me regarding the sell. The document does not have the Wells Fargo Bank logo and the paragraphs are off centered like it was manufactured. I have copies to share with you.When XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX purportedly bought the Heloc they did not have a license in California. They did not get their licensing until XX/XX/XXXX under XXXX XXXX XXXX instead of XXXX XXXX , the previous owner, who has his own legal troubles in Nevada and with the IRS. He filed Bankruptcy and did not list my property in the bankruptcy under his assets under the business, XXXX XXXX . He then sells it to his buddy, XXXX XXXX , who takes over the name XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX .

If a company has had their license revoked and they are unable to service the loan, can a bank still sell a Heloc to peo ple using that company ‘s name and business license? Am I entitled to a legal answer as to how this is lawful? Am I entitled to verify that a transaction actually took place? I subpoenaed the documents under my divorce case. I have not filed a lawsuit against these people yet. I am still trying to gather the evidence after just recently finding out about this.

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