Trouble during payment process

I am writing as there was an error made by the mortgage company in accurately reflecting my payments. The inaccurate recording of this payment has caused negative marks on my credit report as well as lost money in my Home Affordability Modification. As part of this modification you are to make your house payments on time every month and then you are forgiven {$1000.00} for the first 5 years and {$5000.00} in the sixth year. I have tried to work this out directly with the mortgage companies, through my Senator ( XXXX XXXX , worked with XXXX XXXX in his office in XX/XX/XXXX ) and Congressman for the last 7 years but there has been little resolve.

Back in XX/XX/XXXX I was approved for th e Home Affordability Modification . In XX/XX/XXXX I received a bonus at work and I decided to pay my house payment early on XX/XX/XXXX for XX/XX/XXXX . On XX/XX/XXXX Bank of Americ a ( BO A ) purchased my XXXX XXXX XXXX and the payment I made XX/XX/XXXX was not counted as my XX/XX/XXXX house payment, instead it was counted as a principle payment without my approval. I received my first house statement in XX/XX/XXXX stating that I was already a month behind with BOA. I immediately called and spoke with a representative that said, Not to worry about it that the XXXX mortgage companies would work it out and it would just take a couple of months but this would not impact my credit since I already paid the other company. I continued to make my monthly payments on time and after two months I still noticed that my bill was stating that I was late. I proceeded to call BOA again and ask the status of my first inquiry since I was told it would be worked out. They had no notes of this conversation and stated that I was a month behind and needed to pay the bill. I explained that I could document the payment and I would like to send them this information for them to correct my account. They gave me the fax number for their research department and told me that they would look into it.

I proceeded to call BOA every month and spend hours on the phone. On XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX I spoke with XXXX and she told me, That she had found the error and escrow will go down and lower your principle payment and if you pay an additional {$88.00} this time then we will be able to correct your payment and take care of this. I paid this money and yet the issue was not resolved. Other times I called in I was told the same thing but then it was that I needed to pay {$25.00} more dollars or $ 30+. I paid these payments as I just wanted things to be done.

On another occasion I was on the phone with BOA going through the issue AGAIN and there was a disheveled man that came to my door with a torn edge from a piece of paper that had BOAs phone number on it. He stated, BOA is wanti ng their money and they have tried to call you with no return phone calls. You need to call them back at this phone number. I told him that I was on the phone with them right now and then I told the lady on the phone what had just happened. She stated We would never send anyone out like that. I explained that he told me that it was from your corporation and provided me your XXXX number to call you. This made me feel very uncomfortable and unsafe in my own home, as a single mother with a daughter, that a bank would be giving out my information to a man who looked like he was a bounty hunter.

I also faxed the attached paperwork on more than 8 o ccasions to their research department which I was then told by one of the researchers, XXXX XXXX , on XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX , that he discovered the issue and the payment was recorded as a principle payment but he was no longer working on this project. He let me know that I needed to AGAIN fax all of the paperwork into them and he told me what to include on the fax cover sheet so that they could correct the issue. I did this and it still went uncorrected. I have documentation that states the dates, times, and people I spoke with each time I called in and can produce this if you need. I started tracking this after some time as nothing was ever being done when I had called in countless times and spent hours on the phone trying to get this corrected. Finally in the end BOA stated there was nothing they could do and I just needed to pay the money.

In XX/XX/XXXX my mortgage was sold to XXXX XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ) the same thing started over with XXXX as they were told from BOA that I was late on my payments. I started to call them and fax them my documentation on 5 sepa rate occasions before they as well sold my mortgage off to a fourth company. In XX/XX/XXXX my loan was sold to XXXX XXXX from XXXX and the same thing started over with XXXX as they were told from XXXX that I was late on my payments. I started to call them and fax them my documentation on 3 sep arate occasions before finally in XX/XX/XXXX their research department found and corrected the issue to reflect that my house payments have been made on time for only the time they owned the loan. I explained to them that they needed to write the XXXX credit bureaus and tell them to correct my full payment history with all mortgage companies since they were able to find the mistake. I also stated that I would like a copy of the three letters that they send so that I have this for my records. They told me they would do this and yet I never received any of these letters and my credit report was never updated.

As of this date, XX/XX/XXXX my credit report has not been corrected by any of these mortgage companies, I have not received the missing extra dollars of forgiveness from my Home Affordability Modification and I have also paid {$1700.00} more throughout the years above my Home Affordability Modification Agreement. Not to mention the thousands of hours I have spent over the past 7 years trying to get this corrected with these XXXX mortgage companies.

My concern is Bank of Americas banking practices as they moved money around my account a lot during the time they had my loan. As well as where did all of the extra little payments that I made to them go? I know they have been in trouble in the past due to their accounting practices and I am now a victim to this as well and I would like resolution. Even in a letter to me from their CEOs office it stated, As a member of the credit reporting community, Bank of America has an obligation to report your account payment history accurately, whether it is favorable or unfavorable. We have confirmed that we did not receive payments from you on the account for the XX/XX/XXXX through XX/XX/XXXX , also XX/XX/XXXX through XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX through XX/XX/XXXX installments, and Bank of America reported such data accordingly. This is very concerning considering all of my bank statements prove that I made all of these payments so I am not sure how true they are following their obligation to accurately record my payments.

My resolution would be to have my credit report updated to accurately reflect that over the last 7 years I have not made any late payments ov er 30+ days, I would like the extra money in forgiveness from the Home Affordability Modification, and I would also lik e the extra {$1700.00} reflected as a principle payment to my home loan. Last, I would like some sort of payment for all of the hours I have spent trying to correct an issue that was not mine to begin with and some sort of retribution to happen to BOA for their banking errors. Personally, I feel that I should have my house paid off due to all of the hours I spent on the phone with these companies, hours of putting documentation together, taking days off work to handle these calls, as well as faxing and mailing this information multiple times to them, and just the overall stress this has caused in my life. Why should I the customer be punished for paying a bank my house payment early? I am a woman who works multiple jobs and thought I was doing the right thing by paying my house payment early and yet I have now been punished for this good decision for 7 years. If anything this has taught me I would rather pay late then early as this is the only way it will be accurately recorded.

I have attached a spreadsheet that details out every payment sinc e XX/XX/XXXX whe n the modification went into effect, along with all of the bank statements to match each payment, the payment history from BOA, XXXX and XXXX , and last my Home Affordability Modification Agreement. I wanted to attach this so that you have all of the evidence for your review to back up my complaint in this letter. If you would like all of the paperwork documenting all of my calls with the names, times, and dates that I called these companies I would be happy to provide this information.

Thank you for your time and review, XXXX XXXX

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