Trouble during payment process

This is a XXXX complaint regarding Specialized Loan Services , XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX . XXXX complaint was regarding the doubling of taxes/insurance in escrow. In that complaint I determined they owed me {$1400.00}. They sent a check to me for {$1200.00} which was {$240.00} short of what they owed back. This was for over payment on mortgage due to the duplication of taxes/insurance they were escrowing for the year. I then received a letter from them dated XXXX XXXX that stated the monthly payment stated on the XXXX statement XXXX {$1400.00} XXXX is the correct monthly payment amount. They then closed the complaint without confirming with me this was resolved. I place phone calls back to them but never was able to speak to the correct person or someone that could address the complaint that has not been resolved. At this point, I was going to live with the fact they shorted me the {$240.00} in what they owed me just to be done with dealing with their ineptness and my busy work schedule prohibits the time to spend an hours on the phone trying to get the right person who could fix. This took XXXX XXXX months to what I thought resolved the issue even though it was not completely resolved. I then get a new statement for XXXX monthly payment that says amount due is {$2900.00} and regular monthly payment that again states it is {$1400.00}. This is right back where we started with the first complaint!!! I paid the normal {$1100.00} for XXXX that I have been paying all along. My XXXX statement comes and it says my regular monthly is {$1200.00} and that I am passed due and owe a total of {$1500.00}! I called and spoke on the phone to a representative on XXXX XXXX around XXXX pm after calls the past XXXX days during my work hours. Again after many minutes of waiting and voice prompts I speak to a representative who tells me that there needs to be some ” buffer ” hold to pay for taxes/insurance of around {$500.00}. I told them you guys just sent me a check back ( {$1200.00} XXXX so why did you do this if you needed to ” hold ” money? They representative just repeated her claim of the amount owed and I told her I would be sending the regular monthly of {$1100.00} and that I will be filing a XXXX complaint regarding their inept loan processing/payment procedures and the harassing phone calls. It is nearly impossible to figure out what is owed each month because of the changing statements. I will make the {$1100.00} a month payments until this issue is resolved to my satisfaction.

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