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Have you ever given any consideration to using tools like Twitter to spread your mlm message? Twitter is a nifty little networking tool that will allow you to be seen and heard on the web. Lately though, Twitter has had quite a few challenges and they experienced several outings of the network over the last few weeks.

The secret to network correctly with Twitter is to build a presence without spamming. First off this will require you to become social with Twitter and update your status a couple of times every day.

Once you have started to build a report with others in your vicinity things will be a lot easier to make contact.

One of the great features of Twitter is that you can make friends by joining other networks. This is a great way to get exposure early on. The more people you are linked to, the more chances that you will build some relationships for business purposes.

Your network will be there to connect with and you might even get referrals over time if you help others.

But best of all, you can publish your latest blog posts on your Twitter status bar. If you make these less obvious and not spammy looking, you can possibly generate a lot of extra traffic.

I’ve noticed that many Twitter users overdo the actual link posting bit. Remember, less is more. And the more you participate as part of the community, the more links you can post without looking dodgy.

Hope this helps.

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