Using a debit or ATM card

An unauthorized transaction was allowed to be processed by my financial institution, JP Morgan / Chase Bank, with incorrect account information. The merchant, XXXX, submitted a transaction for {$53.00} with incorrect street address, city and ZIP code however when I contacted Chase Bank to inquire I was advised that ” certain merchants have very low account validation requirements ”. I asked for this charge to be disallowed and was informed that my entire life would have to be turned upside down with the closure of my card due to the fact that Chase Bank has failed to protect my account / monies by indiscriminately choosing which merchants can process transactions without having to validate that it is authorized by the consumer, i.e having the correct information of the account they are trying to process. I do not believe that there should be arbitrary account validation requirements that put the consumer in jeopardy of fraudulent activity or that JP Morgan / Chase should have the right to ” decide ” which account transactions ” look good ” based upon prior account activity when the account information which has been submitted in conjunction with any transaction is incorrect. The only recourse I was offered was to cancel my card and file a claim for a fraudulent transaction when it was the failings of JP Morgan / Chase to ensure that the information provided was accurate and complied with what any reasonable customer would assume to be standard security procedures when it comes to account security.

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