Using a debit or ATM card

Bank of America deceitful practice 1. BofA failed to alert consumer promptly regarding ‘Fraudulent ‘ online activity.
— I tried to use my BofA ATM card to withdraw fund from my checking account on XX/XX/XXXX at my local SF BofA ( XXXX ) branch ) ATM machine shows message saying my card got locked. I continued to try a couple of times more withdrawal, still failed. I later received text message and email saying as below.
‘Declined transaction at BANK OF AMERICA for {$200.00} on XX/XX/XXXX Declined transaction at XXXX for {$5.00} on XX/XX/XXXX ” It is clear that the ATM lock is due to fr online ‘fraudulent ‘ activity on XX/XX/XXXX. Since this is serious unusual transaction, they are going to lock my card anyway, why did n’t BofA inform me right away? Will I not use ATM card sooner or later only by the time to cause me significant inconvenience ( — it was XXXX afternoon, and branch office closed )? More importantly, it appearantly does n’t take online ‘fraudulent ‘ activity seriously. They have both my phone contact and email ( — as they did on XX/XX/XXXX ). Why did n’t they alert me on XX/XX/XXXX when the activity took place. Similar even occurred to my XXXX credit card a few years ago, I was immediately alerted via text message.
2. BofA locked ATM for withdrawal transactions, allowing check deposit to go through, but not crediting to my account.
— After failed attempt to withdraw checking account from ATM machine, I then tried to deposit {$1800.00} business check ( from my business account at other bank ) to BofA checking account. The transaction went through, I was able to print out deposit receipt ( in hand ). Then, it ‘s most outrageous thing. As mentioned, the check is from my business account at non-BofA bank. I went to my business account, the check got cleared by BofA, but BofA did n’t credit the deposit to my BofA checking account. I had to call BofA on XX/XX/XXXX to question how such thing could happen. Needless to say, they only gave me temporary credit. This is how a big bank acts in such ‘evil ‘ behavior. For locked ATM card, BofA declines ATM withdraw, but permits ATM deposit just not crediting to customer. One has to ask where the deposit goes. Is BofA pocked the cash and commit ‘deceitful ‘ and ‘fraudulent ‘ practice? Whether it ‘s misconception, this bank is not honest and acting like ‘crook ‘.
3. In process of resolving malpractice on BofA part, it ‘s customer survey and resolving the issue is not only a ‘joke ‘, but purely insulting.
— The ATM receipt from declined ATM withdrawal lists me XXXX to ask for immediate help. The number is basically voice mail. No one is working on weekend. It ‘s far beyond ‘insulting ‘ to hear the message when you need to have ATM card for urgent cash withdraw. I was able to eventually located XXXX # to be able to talk someone. However, the wait time is over an hour. I explained in detailed what has occurred, and what exact ATM activities I have done. I clearly and specifically told him about the check deposit. I was concerned about this and wanted to make sure the deposit should either reject or credit to my account properly. The result is completely opposite to my expectation. The gentlemen was able to cancel existed ATM card and issue me a new card ( — which I already received ). He then asked to fill up the survey with detailed experience. I filled up survey and pretty much described everything including each ATM activity. Still, my check deposit is never showing up in my BofA checking account, while the check got cleared anyway. Had I not called up BofA, I would have lost my money. Simply put, I ca n’t see who else can pocket the money but BofA. Nicely done!
Finally, any ATM transactions from locked ATM cards ca n’t link to its owner, again, one has to wonder why BofA would allow deposit but decline withdraw for locked ATM card. What is BofA ‘s intention? Is it ‘dishonest ‘ or ‘deceitful ‘?

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