Using a debit or ATM card

I was told I would be charged one amount by a company and the merchant charged me XXXX of dollars more. The bank failed to record my choice to not pay checks that overdraft my account and allowed the transaction to overdraft my account by XXXX.

At this time the bank is claiming my account records are archived and require a time consuming search to access the records from opening the account in XX/XX/2016. I entered a dispute for the transaction and the bank failed to request any supporting documents before closing and denying the claim without proper investigation. The bank employees advised me while filing the dispute over the phone that I would need to wait until the merchant responded to see what documents they submitted or if they adjusted the charge to determine what supporting documentation I should submit.

After collecting my dispute details and misinforming me on what the process would consist of, I was told three business days after filing the dispute that the claim was closed and the bank ” did not need any supporting documentation from me ” to complete my dispute. I am a former employee of this bank and worked in the same department and building as the employees who filed the claim, misinformed me on the process to present my dispute, and denied my claim.

This is the corporate headquarters office in XXXX MN and most senior staff have all been employed and working together for 3 or more years thus my relationship with that company is why I believe I am being discriminated against/treated unfairly as the department supervisors and employees are all very ” close ” and are aware that I left the company on negative terms with the bank / & same department supervisors who failed to address this dispute fairly according to the terms and conditions on my account and the federal regulations regarding transactions where the consumer used a debit card and was charged incorrectly. I was not given an opportunity to submit documents supporting my dispute during the 3 business day investigation yet when I called customer service to complain I was told I could fax whatever I have to prove the dispute over. In less than 45 minutes after faxing the documents I had immediately available, the reps in the call center where I worked and am alleging that the employees ( supervisors/department leads who are also former co-workers ) intentionally misinformed me and, with foul intent, denied my claim and appeal in 3 business days without ever requesting a statement or documentation from me.

Again, I believe this is a personal attack of retaliation against me for ending my work and personal relationships with the staff at the Bank ‘s location where this incident took place. I was told that I would need to request & submit documentation from the merchant after the merchant responded to my dispute yet I was never given a date for when the documents would be needed and the bank accepted a receipt from the merchant showing an incorrect credit made to my account as sufficient grounds to deny my claim without ever receiving or requesting the documents/proof I have that the transaction is incorrect. I also disputed the credit the merchant made on a second dispute after the first was denied and the appeal denied and at this time, with no request for documentation made, the bank employees who all work in the department in which i believe I am being personally discriminated against has already begun informing me that they intend to deny that claim as well ; with no investigation, essentially.

At this time, the bank has not provided me with any written documentation on the Reg E complaint being filed or the outcome. I have only been given verbal updates from the call center in which I used to work and know that the staff may be intentionally acting discriminatory.

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