Using a debit or ATM card

All joint accounts with EX-spouse were requested closed at Bank of America. We had to request and sign together at local branch in NH. The joint checking, savings and home equity account were closed. However, BoA says they left open a overdraft protection account associated with the joint checking account that was closed. I did not have an existing overdraft account to my knowledge. I had XXXX in XX/XX/XXXX but it was closed several year later by BoA for late payments.

Two years later ex-spouse began drawing on overdraft protection account by accessing funds through ATM. Ex-Spouse did not make payments and BoA began collection activities from me. Local branch managers with BoA agreed with me that I was not responsible, but home office would not. I requested proof, my signature, anything showing me as joint owner on this account, and have received nothing.

I have not had any bank account or credit card from BoA since XX/XX/XXXX

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